Tyson Fury Beats Deontay Wilder To Become WBC World Heavyweight Champion
Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury Beats Deontay Wilder To Become WBC World Heavyweight Champion

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

The British fighter was in a devastating form on Saturday night, dropping the American twice in previous rounds before wrapping up the victory just over half-way into the fight.

Tyson Fury handed American boxer, Deontay Wilder, his first professional career defeat to become the WBC World Heavyweight Champion in their rematch in Las Vegas.

Both men had fought for the first time in December 2018 but the bout was deemed a draw by the judges, with both men having to wait 14 months for their rematch.

In a match that was dominated by the Manchester-born fighter, Wilder's corner had to throw in the towel when their man was taking some punishment in round 7.

Deontay had been off from the first round, with the 'Gypsy King' taking to the centre of the ring and shooting out his jab even after Wilder sank in a right hand early.

In the second round, Fury grew in confidence and continued to aggressively close his man down, but Wilder's right hand-delivered another timely reminder of his capabilities.

The first big moment of the night came in the third round when a left-right combo from Fury saw Wilder drop down to the canvas for the first time that night. Deontay was only rescued by the bell which saved him in that round.

In the next round, the American fell to the canvas again but it was recorded as a slip, even though Fury wanted it to count as a knockdown.

While he was unable to get that to be recorded as a knockout for him, 'The Gypsy King' continued to load up on that right which led to him cutting Wilder's lip.

The fifth round saw another knockout by Fury following an attack on Wilder. The American had no answers and dropped to the floor after some body shots.

In the sixth round, Fury tried to close the bout but Wilder managed to survive the attacks to make it into the second half of the fight.

But in the next round, the brilliant Tyson Fury after a heavy onslaught forced Wilder's corner to throw in the towel and Fury reclaiming the world title.

The defeat for Wilder was the first he had suffered in his professional career after 44 fights and leaves Fury as the only undefeated fighter in the heavyweight division.

Already, there are speculations there would be a third fight between both men, as stipulated in the contract, but a unification fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury could also happen ahead of that third fight.

Speaking after the fight, Wilder said he wished his camp had let him go the full length despite him bleeding through his ears and mouth.

Meanwhile, the new champ, Fury, gave a shout out to Deontay while addressing the crowd after his win. Fury also took a shot at Joshua in the dressing room when he was asked about his fellow Briton.

Tyson Fury Beats Deontay Wilder To Become WBC World Heavyweight Champion

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