4 Ways To Successfully Invest In Nigeria

Investing is serious business everywhere. Knowing where to invest is key but knowing how to invest is even more serious. 


An Investment is anything of value you own, which you have applied to yield profit, increase or gains. You do not necessarily have to invest money alone, you could also invest your time or your resources (talents).

You have planned your life, with your set retirement date a decade away and by your calculations, if you do not start making your money work for you, you will end up moving your retirement by an extra decade. There is a way to invest that leads to success. With these tips, you can begin your investment journey.

1. Make research

Before you put your time, treasure and talent into anything, it is important you make in-depth and thorough research about it. Take your time to ask questions from those who are in a similar field, have experience in that similar investment, i.e. have worked with/in that sector or know someone with similar experience. You have to know how the market works and figure out what investment strategy is best for you while determining what kind of investor you are. Be sure that the source of your research is credible, as this is the foundation of your investment.

2. Make a plan

Once you are done with the research phase. Your investing journey starts with making a plan and creating a time frame. You need to know when you are going to begin your investment and how long you are investing for as well as what you hope to gain. Based on this, you can put a structure in place to achieve it.

3. Start under the radar

When you first begin your investment journey, start under the radar. This just means you are supposed to be unnoticed. You may not believe in “village people” but there are people who profit from your loss. Do not draw attention to yourself or the investment you are making. Ensure you have made enough research and are aware of the risks involved. For example, if you want to invest in logistics, do your homework on the statistics of failure and success as well as maintenance of the business when it begins to yield profit. After you are done with research, you simply move to the next stage without telling anyone that does not need to know.

4. Shun unnecessary publicity

It is more than okay to avoid the spotlight. Just like a child in the womb does not show immediately, there are some things that should not be made public until it is absolutely necessary. The right time might be when it has grown beyond the hiding phase - when you have no choice but to announce it. Avoiding the spotlight as much as it is necessary is a sure fire way to guarantee your investment is successful.

If you follow these tips, I assure you, you are on the right track to letting your money begin working for you.

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