Yemi Alade and her mom
Yemi Alade and her mom

Social Media Users React To Yemi Alade’s Recent Post About Her Mom

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian songstress, Yemi Alade, has come under attack on Instagram after sharing a post that did not quite sit well with her fans.

The singer and songwriter, who is currently in London with her mother, shared a video of them both vibing to her latest single, ‘Shekere.'

She revealed in the caption that the song was her mum’s favourite song. However, her subsequent post rubbed her fans the wrong way, as they took to the comment section to criticize it.

The singer disclosed that 20 years ago, her mum had to sell her economy class ticket to pay for her primary 6 school fees

"London is more than just a City to my family, it Marks time in our lives (20yrs ago) when mum had to sell her Economy class ticket to pay my Primary 6 school fees.

“Today we Fly First Class!🌠🌠✈✈ #Next Stop #amsterdam🇳🇱," she wrote.

Many of the singer’s fans noted that they could not find the connection between London and her past experience. Some even questioned the authenticity of her story.

"So, how does London mark a time in your lives??? Did you do literature in school sis?" a user, with the handle @misshembe, asked.

"International tickets ain't transferable, you either request for refund or cancel itinerary. SMH," another user, with the handle ann_hearthrob, pointed out.

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