Groundnut Does Not Cause Pimples! See What Does And How To Treat It

Groundnut Does Not Cause Pimples! See What Does And How To Treat It

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

It is common for people, especially Nigerians, to resort to myths, assumptions and unconfirmed claims when they cannot get the right answers to issues facing them.

The cause of pimples (otherwise known as acne) is still a mystery to many, while some have linked the skin condition to excessive eating of oily food.

Groundnut, cheese, milk, butter and a whole lot of other foods have been stated to be the cause of pimple but, according to a renowned Nigerian online doctor, none of those claims can be backed up scientifically.

Doctor Harvey Olufunmilayo, a UK-based Nigerian doctor who is popular on social media, took to his Twitter page to share tweets in a bid to break the myths which have been firmly held by many for many years.

On his thread which has got over 5000 likes and retweets, the health practitioner categorically stated that neither groundnut nor any other food causes pimple.

He noted that the fact that there are millions of people globally who eat groundnut and those other foods but do not have pimples simply suggests that those assumptions are false.

Dr Funmi went on to reveal that family history, high testosterone hormone during puberty and menstrual period, smoking and taking certain medications, like steroids, are the real causes of pimples.

He also shared some of the ways that the condition which has no cure can be treated to prevent people from looking miserable.

Below are screenshots of the Twitter thread:

So guys, what do you think, is the Doc. right on this one or you have a different experience like many who disagree with him on Twitter?

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