5 Signs She Is Ready To Be Proposed To

5 Signs She Is Ready To Be Proposed To

Margaret Solace

Every woman is ready for a relationship but how many are ready for marriage? Women sometimes dwell on the things they get from prospective men and the attention that follows.

Marriage is a whole different thing and it does not allow frequent breakups and makeups. You are in there for better or for worse. Some women are not ready for such a commitment even when the men are ready for more.

In some cases, men are the ones who are not ready. They are the ones who prefer the freedom they get and the responsibilities they are not ready to bear.

But there are some things in women that can send signals to a man to make him propose. A woman who is ready for that ring will exhibit some of these qualities.

1. She supports your goals

A woman who is in love with you and ready for the next step will cheer you on. She is always ready to support your personal and career goals. She gives you time to sort your work and she does not feel threatened by the time and effort you put into your work. She understands you have to work. She does not complain every time you are about to work.

2 She stands up for herself

She is dogmatic in her opinions and decisions. She does not allow you or anyone push her around. She is respectful, polite and will tell you when you are wrong or when you are doing too much. You cannot bully a confident woman around or treat her opinion as trash. She knows where she stands in your life.

3. She is low maintenance

Low maintenance here does not mean she does not make her hair, dress well or try to look good. In fact, she looks good but she is on a budget or wears what she can afford. Such women will never whine because a certain bag they want is out of vogue. They are comfortable in their own skin and still look good. They worry about things that are important, like food e.t.c.

4. She controls her emotions

She is not easily frustrated with minor things. You can count on her when you are not around. A drama queen, on the other hand, will give you some whining and nagging.

5. She is independent

Every man loves an independent woman. You do not have to be too independent but when you can stand on your own to sort minor problems, you are good to go with the proposal.

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