Burna Boy Walks Out Of An Interview, Claims It Was Too Boring

Burna Boy Walks Out Of An Interview, Claims It Was Too Boring


It seems like Nigeria's Burna boy cannot help but be the centre of attention at all times. It is almost as if the Afro-fusion singer and songwriter calls attention to himself on purpose.

According to the viral video that has been going around recently, the Port Harcourt-bred ‘Ye’ crooner was seen rudely interrupting an ongoing interview session he had with Vice TV, an American cable channel.

The twenty-eight-year-old musician had been invited to the interview alongside his mother and grandfather. Burna’s mother and grandfather can both be considered as icons in the Nigerian Afrobeat industry. His mother happened to be one of Fela Kuti's backup dancers and his grandfather was the Nigerian Afro legend's manager.

It was while the interviewer was asking the veteran manager questions about his days managing Fela's music that the music artiste cut in, concluding that the interview was boring. He even went ahead to ask the interviewer if he didn't think the ongoing interview was boring.

The Vice TV host, of course, feeling very uncomfortable, nervously replied in the negative, chuckling a bit good-naturedly to erase the awkward air in the studio. Soon after his blunt outburst, Burna Boy then proceeded to walk out during the interview in order to go find something more fun to occupy his time with.

Plain shock was plastered on the faces of the other people involved in the interview- Burna boy's mother, his grandfather, and the poor interviewer, as it was clear none of them saw the rude outburst coming.

The video is just a short clip of the obviously failed interview and has a lot of Nigerians wondering if the 'African Giant' is being dramatic and controversial on purpose or it is all simply a social media attraction and celebrity stunt.

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