Film On Nigerian Marital Challenges Overseas Premieres

Film On Nigerian Marital Challenges Overseas Premieres

Bernard Femi

A movie titled ‘The Marriage’, which reveals what Nigerians go through overseas was premiered in Lagos. The premiere hosted Journalists and guests in Lagos.

The producer, Jide Bisayo, said the movie is basically about Nigeria, their marriages, and some of the challenges they face overseas.

Bisayo, however, said that the movie was recognized as one of the British Film of 2018 by the UK government before it was released in 2019.

“The film also dealt with the fact that the easiest way for people to regularize their stay when they go abroad to find an indigene and get married to them which comes with a lot of challenges”.

“People don’t want to get deported to do so you have to be responsible and avoid problems with your spouse to avoid deportation,” said the producer.

The movie was premiered in the United Kingdom at the Odeon IMAX, Greenwich, at the end of 2019.

The UK-based filmmaker while speaking on the inspiration behind the movie said,

“I could see so many things happening around me, I captured everything and put them in a movie to reflect the situation back to my people and that’s why I came up with this movie.”

He added that the film has gone to festivals and also won some recognition. Among them were the Toronto Nollywood International Film Festival, where it won the best film from Africa, Accolade Film Festival, Accolade Film Awards based in the United State among others.

However, he explained why the movie has not been circulated nationwide.

“One of the reasons the movie is taking time to get to Nigerian audience has to do with me, I didn’t have the opportunity to come home to do this, I was busy doing other things,” he said.

The cast featured in the movie includes Yemi Shodimu, Lanre Balogun, Caemen Silva, Judith Akuta, and Loyo Awolowo among others.

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