6 Ways To Remove Dry Skin From Your Feet

6 Ways To Remove Dry Skin From Your Feet

Margaret Solace

We often neglect our feet while taking care of our body. Our focus is always on other parts of the body. There is nothing attractive about you when you have a fine perfect face with dry cracks on your feet.

Dry skin leaves the feet dry and cracky due to lack of attention, moisture and care. You cannot wear shorts because you are worried about your dry legs and feet. This can strip you of your confidence.

Dryness on your feet is caused by the accumulation of dead skin over the top layer of the skin because it has not been exfoliated for a long time. Here are ways to moisturize your feet in order to prevent flakiness.

1. Invest in a jar of vaseline

Many people are familiar with vaseline. When they hear moisturizer, they think of vaseline. This is because of its high moisturizing properties. Vaseline contains petroleum jelly and this relieves dryness and locks moisture in the skin. Do this every night for a few days. You can wear socks to sleep at night.

2. Use baking soda

Baking soda helps to exfoliate. It softens the skin and soothes it with anti-inflammatory properties. Soak your legs in a tub with water and baking soda for 20 minutes. Remove and scrub with a pumice stone then wash to remove dead skin.

3. Use Listerine and Epsom salt

Epsom salt relaxes the muscles and draws out toxins. Listerine disinfects the skin and relieves itchiness. Add 1 cup of Listerine, 1/2 cup of Epsom salt, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice in warm water, mix and soak your feet for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

4. Use honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer. It helps to nourish and heal flaky skin. It contains antioxidants. It rejuvenates the skin caused by free radicals. Massage your feet for 10 minutes and rinse off.

5. Invest in a bottle of apple cider vinegar

ACV exfoliates dead skin cells. It restores the skin's PH balance. It relieves dryness. Add half ACV into a bucket of water, soak your feet for 15-30 minutes, remove and scrub with your hands.

6. Use coconut oil

This is an excellent emollient and humectant. It hydrates the skin and treats the flakiness of the skin. It brings back lost moisture. Massage your feet with coconut oil till it is well absorbed. You can leave overnight but make sure you wear socks to lock in the moisture.

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