Timi Dakolo Reacts To Rumours Of His Father’s Death
Timi Dakolo

Timi Dakolo Reacts To Rumours Of His Father’s Death

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo, has addressed rumours of his father’s death as spread by blogs.

The music star took to his Instagram page to state that his father is alive, expressing his surprise over how some bloggers make little or no effort to investigate the authenticity of a story before publishing it.

"You people should try and leave me alone.. my father is alive and doing well. I wonder how you people come up with all these information. I didn’t say anything about my father being dead. A simple investigation would do the world much good," he wrote.

The ambiguity of an earlier post may have sparked up the rumours. Read the post below:

"Thank you for the music you played for Us while growing up, The reading listens, The Christmas clothes, the flogging, The go and face the wall, The one new word every day, The go and bring your books, the evening lessons, The show me your fingernails and your teeth and many more. Thank you for teaching me the importance of repetition.Thank you, sir. We would miss you."

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