See What Reno Omokri Thinks Of People Who Use Big Grammar
Reno Omokri

See What Reno Omokri Thinks Of People Who Use Big Grammar

Pearl Emmanuel

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, has affirmed that grammar is not the yardstick to measure intelligence.

Omokri took to his Instagram page to make this affirmation, likening big grammar to too much makeup.

He wrote:

"Using big grammar is not a sign of intelligence. It is like using too much makeup to hide the fact that you are not beautiful. The more beautiful a woman, the less make up she uses. The more intelligent a man, the simpler the language he uses. Think of it like this: Christ is the most intelligent man that ever lived, yet His language was so simple that the common people of Israel got Him.

“But satan is so foolish for rebelling against God, and He inspired the Pharisees, whose language was so complicated that the ordinary people did not understand them! Big success is better than big grammar!"

The author’s post underscores the fact that communication is established when both the speaker and listener understand each other and this can be more effective if the use of language is as simple as possible.

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