Kingsely Abasili
Kingsely Abasili

Nigerian Celebrities Are Jealous Of Eachother Expect Davido – Kinsley Abasili

Bernard Femi

Nollywood Actor, Kingsley Abasili, has taken to his Twitter Page to praise the popular Nigerian Singer, Davido, for standing out above his rivals in the entertainment industry.

The actor said almost all Nigerian Celebrities are envious and jealous of each other.

The actor expressed his respect for Davido saying that a lot of people in the entertainment industry respect him because he is not jealous of anyone.

He said:

“Almost all Nigerian celebrities I know are jealous and envious of each other. One exception I know is @davido. I have great respect for him and I believe others do too. Godspeed bro @davido. Keep soaring high.”

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