Faith Osayi Is Taking Over Hair Businesses In Nigeria 
Mrs Faith Osayi

Faith Osayi Is Taking Over Hair Businesses In Nigeria 

Meet the CEO of Mudiz Hair, Mrs Faith Osayi, whose love for quality hair influenced her decision to carve a niche for herself as a hair businesswoman.

Titilayo Olurin

Mrs Faith Osayi, the CEO of Mudiz Hair, owes the success of her business to her love for beauty, class and quality.

“I started hair business because I love hairs,” she states, adding that she developed an interest in hair as a child when she watched Indian movies and admired the lush, lustrous hairs of the many actresses.

“I have loved hair from a very tender age,” she reveals.

Her love for hair inspired her brand, which she began at the university where she catered to the needs of her schoolmates and church members before moving to a physical store in Benin.

The quality of products is what makes the brand, Mudiz Hair, unique.

“I don’t do fibre. I sell raw hair. I have travelled to Dubai, India, I have travelled to Vietnam. So I know raw hairs,” the CEO, who recently moved her business from Benin to Lagos, maintains.

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