“Mr Bisexual Yahoo Pig,” Tonto Dikeh Blasts Ex-Husband
Tonto Dikeh

“Mr Bisexual Yahoo Pig,” Tonto Dikeh Blasts Ex-Husband

Pearl Emmanuel

In one of her posts on social media, Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, suggested that Churchill's plan to get her in court has failed.

She also stated that he is a bisexual yahoo pig.

Read what she wrote below:

"When the plans fail….

“Mr Bisexual Yahoo Pig wassup? No court?

“We are waiting Oooiin!

“#500Million scatter the remaining surviving part of your ass hole."

The actress further called her ex-husband gay.

She wrote:

"This one has serious brain damage, I talked about ex and this 40sec cow thinks he is the only one, born fool gonna sit down..

“You was just a word in the chapter…

“Although you are the bisexual ex I was actually referring to."

In a subsequent post on her Instagram page, she made it clear that she was making reference to the lawsuit threatened by her ex-husband against her.

"I say you gay gay gay gay.

“You say no then sue.

“Do u think I wasn't gonna ask for your butthole x-ray???

“You gonna pull up with that x-ray son…

“#Humiliation," the actress taunted.

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