13 Benefits Of Kissing 
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13 Benefits Of Kissing 

Mercy Ebikoma

Mercy Ebikoma

Kissing can be seen as a way to show affection, care and love to our families, friends and loved ones. It is a universal act.

There are different forms of kissing. We have what is called a ‘French Kiss’, which is considered the most romantic kiss by many. It involves the use of the tongue, which is why it is also called ‘tongue kissing’.

Forehead kiss involves kissing your partner on the forehead.

Here are a few benefits of kissing i bet you don't know:

1. Kissing Helps You Pick The Best Mate

While kissing, you tend to hear and feel your partner more. It is a means of showing who you really are, what you want, and what you can give.

2. It Boosts Immunity

Kissing helps increase women’s immunity against Cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus can cause blindness in infants and many other birth defects.

3. It Burns Calories

It might not be as effective as jogging and other forms of exercise, but an hour of kissing can burn quite a bit of calories.

4. It Makes The Facial Muscle Strong

According to researchers, about 30 muscles are used while kissing. Due to the workout the mouth gets during kissing, the cheeks get tighter.

5. It Is Relaxing

Kissing increases the level of Oxytocin, which is a calming chemical in the body. Kissing increases Dopamine, which also builds up romantic attachment.

6. It Aids In Bonding

The Oxytocin released is also linked in pair bonding. It causes a feeling of attachment, and affection, which can improve your relationship with your partner. This is important for a long lasting relationship.

7. It Has An Impact On Self Esteem

Due to kissing boosting your happy hormone, it boosts your feeling of self esteem by reducing your cortisol level.

8. It Reduces Blood Pressure By Dilating The Blood Vessel

This increases your heart rate thereby dilating your blood vessel, which leads to an increase in blood flow and reduction in blood pressure.

9. It Can Also Help In Reducing Or Relieving Cramps

As result of the dilated blood vessel and an increase in blood flow, other than its reduction in blood pressure it also reduces cramps.

10. It Soothes Headache

The lowered blood pressure also relieves headaches. Kissing prevents it by lowering the blood pressure.

11. It Is An Allergic Response Reducer

It provides relief from hives and other allergic reaction associated with pollen or household dust mites.

12. It Aids In Improvements In The Cholesterol

It keeps the cholesterol level minimal, thereby lowering the risk of several diseases which include heart disease and stroke.

13. It Prevents Cavities By Constant Saliva Production

Kissing increases saliva which lubricates the mouth thereby preventing tooth decay and cavities.

No matter who you are, kissing always gives a positive impact on our social, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

It also helps both parties involved strengthen their relationship of every kind.

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