7 Tips For Easy And Flawless Makeup
Flawless makeup

7 Tips For Easy And Flawless Makeup

If you want that flawless look, then you are where you need to be.


With new makeup tutorials popping up every other day, makeup can be complicated if you do not know what to do and how to do it.

With globalization causing massive growth spurt in the birth of beauty influencers, it is not a surprise that different techniques and looks exist in the beauty industry. This makes it hard to have a trendy yet realistically time-bound makeup routine.

Well, if you have to create a gorgeous look every day, without wasting a lot of time, then keep reading these tips.

1. Contour Your Cheekbone

If you want to give your face some definition and look amazing in a twinkle of an eye, all you need to do is contour your cheeks.

Use a darker brown on the bone line of the upper cheek, and a lighter shade above the bone line and boom you have got popping cheekbones.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get this done.

2. Make Your Lip A Cupid's Bow

Everyone loves a nice cupid bow lip. It is sexy and its look gives the appearance of a full and pouty lip.

To nail the perfect cupid bow look, make an ‘X’ on the top of your cupid’s bow with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick.

Then fill in the bottom three sections of the “X” with lipstick and continue applying it as you normally would to complete your look.

3. Melt Your Pencil Liner

Nothing gives a better finish than a well eye lined look.

If your kohl eyeliner pencil yanks or pulls on your eyelid or melt it down slightly before you start lining, there things you need to do.

All you have to do is hold the tip of your liner under the flame of a lighter until it gets tacky, leave it to cool for a while, ensuring it is not too hot or melted and watch the consistency change right before your eyes, literally.

4. Moisturize Your Face At Bedtime

Moisturize your skin at bedtime!

After your night shower, hydrate your skin by moisturizing. Moisturizing your face helps to keep it hydrated so the makeup can go on flawlessly, and stay easily.

5. Show Your Brows Some TLC

We sometimes let our brows go wild on us, but the real sin is plucking them to death.

Some Tender Loving Care (TLC) is key when it comes to the only facial hair we need.

You might think because you fill them up every morning nobody will notice how skinny your eyebrows are. Wrong!

Some women look gorgeous without any make-up and this is because they pay attention to the area around their eyes.

So let those brows be free to grow but not bushy and you may never have to draw your brows.

6. Use The Right Brushes

Some women use one make-up brush for everything when doing their makeup.

This wastes a lot of time if you are cleaning the same brush you used for your foundation before you can apply your powder and it is even worse if you do not clean the brush!

If you want to be done with your makeup in time, invest in a set of beauty brushes.

You need a minimum of five. Make sure they are quality so that blending can be done smoothly without hair shedding all over your face.

7. Use White Liner As The Base Of Your Eyeshadow

If you really want your eyeshadow to pop and remain vibrant all through the day, then use a white eyeliner pencil over your entire eyelid before applying your eye shadow.

The hazy appearance of the blended eyeliner will give your eye shadow an intense look.

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