Tenant Pushes Landlady To Her Death During An Argument
Olayemi Adetola-Odekoya

Tenant Pushes Landlady To Her Death During An Argument

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A tenant, Lateef Saheed, has been arrested by the police for allegedly pushing his landlady, Olayemi Adetola-Odekoya, to death during a face-off.

The incident was said to have happened on February 24th at Apata Street in the Palmgrove area of Shomolu, Lagos State, where they reside.

According to reports, the building had been attacked severally by robbers which prompted the house owner to call for a meeting with the tenants.

As an attempt to curb the attacks, the residents agreed that the landlady would be in charge of locking and opening the building’s main entrance door at night and in the morning. They agreed to open by 5:30 am every morning and close by 11 pm at night.

But on the day of the incident, Lateef had prepared to leave for work earlier than the agreed time. So, he went to the landlady's apartment to try to get her to come open the main entrance door but his efforts proved abortive.

Lateef broke the door when the landlady ignored his call, and as he was about to leave, the landlady rushed out in anger and held Lateef by the shirt, preventing him from leaving.

She vowed to hold him down until men of Pedro Police Station arrived to arrest him for breaking her door.

It was at this time that Lateef allegedly pushed the 56-year-old to the ground in order to free himself from her grip.

Having escaped her hold, Lateef drove off to work but Madam Olayemi became unconscious soon after and was rushed to the Shomolu General Hospital, where she was confirmed dead.

Lateef didn't return home that day, so the police invited his wife to produce him and he showed up the following day.

The Spokesperson, Lagos State Police Command, Bala Elkana, confirmed the incident and said an investigation is ongoing into the matter.

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