6 Secrets To A Happier Life With Your Partner

6 Secrets To A Happier Life With Your Partner


When you’re starting a new relationship, you might fret about how long it would last or if it would last at all. You see happy couples and wonder how they have been together for so long. Here are six secrets to a happier life with your partner.

1. Show affection

It is not always about sex. A little touch here and there, a peck here, a kiss there and a hug in between can be the magic your relationship needs. Noticing that new hairdo, new shoes or even buying a new bag or hand moisturizer, carrying an extra umbrella for your partner would also go a long way. Affection is not sex, it is touch, it is love.

2. Be completely transparent

Except your partner has given you cogent reasons to doubt them, to keep a relationship happy and long-lasting, you will both need to let go of secrecy. You need to trust that there are no secrets between you. True intimacy has no secrets, it is being naked emotionally. This will help your partner trust you and be able to defend you anywhere.

3. Engage in pillow talk

Pillow talk can sometimes be confused with dirty talk. It is actually time to be intimate and make meaningful conversations with your partner. Talk about things you need to know, share your three best memories of your day, things you are grateful for, things you are afraid of. Be vulnerable with your partner at the most intimate time of your day.

4. Listen when you fight

When you are angry at your partner, the last thing you want to do is listen to their argument, but doing this is a sure way to guarantee you have both been heard and understood. If you feel you are not being heard, you will find somebody else to listen to you. This usually leads to cheating in relationships, with the end result being separation.

5. Exchange intimate hellos and goodbyes

If lasting, happy couples have one thing in common, it would be their entrance and their exit. When you are late for that meeting, work or party, it is super easy to shout goodbye and run out the door, but those happy couples you admire always take time to embrace their partner and lean into each other. This reminds them that they are loved and important.

6. Spend time together out of the house

In order to have a long and happy relationship, you need to participate in the activities you began your relationship with. Schedule dates with your partner. Go out, enjoy each other’s company outside of your home. This will encourage you to have conversations outside of what you would usually have and force you to relax in a way you would not when you are at home.

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