5 Ways To Keep Your Summer Body All Year Long
Summer body

5 Ways To Keep Your Summer Body All Year Long

It can be a struggle to keep your summer body every year. This year, prepare to have fun while maintaining your summer body all year long.


All year round, we look forward to summer. It is finally the time to unwind, enjoy parties, barbecues and the beach.

We all enjoy these activities during this time of the year and find it difficult to maintain a fit body during the months that follow, only to struggle to get our “summer body” before the end of April.

This year, prepare to have fun while keeping your body in shape. Building this habit will ensure you are always summer-ready.

Here are tips for building and maintaining a summer body all year long.

1. Eat right

We get carried away in this clime we live in, especially when it comes to our meals. Eating should first be a function of what our body needs before we please our taste buds. So, if you are craving french fries, covered in five different types of cheese and a whole bucket of KFC chicken, slathered in ketchup, you should ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

Your diet should consist of lots of fruits and vegetables as well as the right amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates should be fibre-rich. Some of these include quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat, rye, and barley. As much as possible, avoid refined white bread and processed foods like french fries.

It is advised and recommended to consume based on your level of activity, what you weigh and how tall you are. Age also plays a large factor as well.

2. Exercise

Humans are not meant to be sedentary. So, to keep your summer body hot all summer long, an increase in your activity level is recommended. This can come from doing cardio, HIIT workouts and dumbbell exercises. These will help in making your body appear toned.

Although nutrition plays a huge factor in the results, if you plan on eating in a caloric deficit, then exercising frequently will allow you to avoid hunger pangs while still accomplishing your fitness goals.

Summer body

3. Get adequate rest

Rest is underrated these days but our body needs it. To keep your body looking hot all year round, get enough sleep. While working out don’t work out incessantly, give your body the time it needs to recuperate. Find a balance between having a good time, exercising, and resting. Your body will thank you by being smashing hot.

4. Hydrate

“Water is life” is a popular saying and it cannot be more true. It is always important to not only drink water but to ensure you drink enough of it. This is especially necessary during the summer months but should be done even when summer is over.

Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart easily pump blood to the muscles while helping the muscles work efficiently. It is safe to say, that without enough water your heart is going to suffer and if your heart suffers your body will as well.

A way to test if you are drinking enough water is to pay attention to your urine. If it is clear, then you are drinking enough but if it is dark, then you aren’t drinking enough. Also, don’t drown yourself all in the name of staying hydrated, as that can have negative consequences.

5. Limit alcohol

I know you like that cold glass of wine, chilled cocktails and mortuary standard beer, so this might be hard, especially during the summer months when it is hot. So, I recommend limiting how much you drink, especially when it comes to beer, liquor, like whiskey and rum, which have added sugar and empty calories.

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