Parents! Do These 10 Things To Protect Your Girl-Child
The girl-child

Parents! Do These 10 Things To Protect Your Girl-Child

Find out some key things to note in ensuring the safety of your female children.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

There are little things we ignore once in a while during the course of raising our children that will eventually have a huge negative impact on their future if not properly looked into.

Listed below are 10 things you should endeavour to teach your female children in order to secure a better future for them.

1. Warn your girl-child not to sit on someone else’s laps, especially an older male relative or family friend, no matter the situation.

2. Do not dress up or go totally naked in front of children above the age of two. Learn to apologize to them about it if you do.

3. Do not allow other adults to address your children as “my wife” or “my husband.” This is part of the lipophilic “reproduction process.”

4. Every time your girl-child plays with friends, monitor what games they play and ask them questions because young children can be easily sexually abused through such means.

5. Do not force your child to visit an adult he or she isn't comfortable being with, but also be observant if your child loves and enjoys the company of a particular adult.

6. If your very lively girl-child suddenly becomes cold, you may have to ask her several vital questions.

7. Carefully inform your girl-child about the right sexual values. Otherwise, they will be fed with the wrong information.

8. Before your children start watching a movie, it is best to go through the contents first.

9. Teach 3-year-old children how to properly wash their private parts and warn them that no one can touch this area, including you.

10. If your child complains about a specific person, don’t ignore their complaints. Take it up and find out what the issue is. You may be shocked at what you will find out.

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