Top 5 Foods Most Nigerians Can’t Do Without
Popular Nigerian Foods

Top 5 Foods Most Nigerians Can’t Do Without

Check out the top five most popular foods Nigerians eat regularly.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

Eating good food is a special culture that Nigerians are known for. There are also some common dishes that Nigerians can’t live without.

Here are the top five foods the typical Nigerian enjoys eating.

1. Eba

About 800 out of 1000 people in Nigeria eat this food every day, combined with any of the tasty Nigerian soups. Smooth consistency, good looking and affordable, Eba is a meal that Nigerians cannot do without. Even if the market price rises from N400 to N1000, Nigerians will still buy Garri for home consumption.

2. Fufu

This food looks attractive and delicious when combined with Egusi soup, which can act as a substitute for Eba any day. Hot and freshly pounded Fufu is a delight any day, especially when it is combined with any tasty Nigerian soup.

3. Rice

Rice is high in carbohydrates and relatively low in calories. It is a good source of energy and one of the major staple foods in Nigeria. It has even become a popular culture for rice to be cooked and eaten in most households in Nigeria every Sunday.

Rice can be prepared as white rice, which is usually served with tomato stew, sauce or Banga (palm nut soup), fried rice or the beloved and world-famous Nigerian jollof rice. You can’t walk into any restaurant in Nigeria and not find rice, as it is always in high demand.

4. Bread

Nigerians love carbohydrate foods, and bread is definitely one of them. Bread is available in various sizes and flavours in Nigeria and is usually produced on a daily basis. In Nigeria, bread is often eaten with tea, nuts, butter, or soft drinks.

5. Noodles

It is usually consumed by mostly younger people. Nigerians have a preference for noodles sometimes because it is cheap, light and easy to prepare. I am certain that every Nigerian has at least a carton of noodles in his or her kitchen.

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