See What TBoss Is Grateful For If The World  Ends Now 
TBoss and daughter

See What TBoss Is Grateful For If The World Ends Now 

Pearl Emmanuel

With the coronavirus pandemic plaguing the universe and some making claims that this is a sign of the end, ex-BBNaija reality TV star, Tokunbo Idowu, aka TBoss, has said the one thing that she is most grateful for.

The single mom expressed her gratitude to God in a post on Instagram for making it possible for her to carry her own child.

She also revealed that no material possession can replace the love a mother has for her child.

Read her post below:

"If the world was to end today- The one thing I would be most grateful to God for would be that He Allowed me carry my own child in my body, my arms & forever in my heart.

"I have always loved children & I have always been there for others kids but having my very own human- No bags, trips or money in the bank can replace the feeling.

“Not even close.

"Ps: money is very important to properly cater for your child so don’t even think otherwise.

"But yeah- The love is beyond anything I could ever have imagined, My heart is Full.

“Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommie❣️

"Let’s be safe guys, wash your hands properly, avoid crowded areas🙅🏽‍♀️suspend unnecessary body to body activities 😏 do your part guys & let’s keep praying that this virus passes 🙏🏽"

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