What We Should Have Done To Prevent Coronavirus Crisis - Omojuwa
Japheth Omojuwa

What We Should Have Done To Prevent Coronavirus Crisis - Omojuwa

Pearl Emmanuel

Popular Nigerian blogger and social media enthusiast, Japheth Omojuwa, has expressed his resentment over the nonchalance of some countries towards COVID-19.

According to him, underdeveloped countries were given heads up to prevent the crisis but have failed to do so.

In Omojuwa's opinion, such countries including Nigeria have been unwise to think that our climate and prayers are all we need to fight the virus

He tweeted:

"#Covid_19 gave many poor countries with inadequate health infrastructure loads of heads up and time to prevent a crisis. We saw this virus coming but many thought there was something special about them (e.g. weather/prayer) hence the absence of the virus. Missed opportunity."

An Instagram user, who noted the alarming level of ignorance among people, expressed disappointment in a lecturer friend who has kept boasting on social media about how she intends to continue her daily activities.

"The level of ignorance till date is annoying. The worst places are Facebook and WhatsApp.

“A supposed Lecturer friend on Facebook is boasting how she would continue going to Church and about her normal business because she carries "anointing". I just can't can again," he tweeted.

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