Read Yul Edochie’s Statement That Caused A Storm On Twitter
Yul Edochie

Read Yul Edochie’s Statement That Caused A Storm On Twitter

Pearl Emmanuel

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, made a remark on Twitter that may have caused quite the storm.

The actor’s tweet suggested that Lord Lugard caused more havoc than good by uniting hundreds of tribes as one nation.

Because there are a lot of tribes under one nation, the actor insisted, the progress the country has made is insignificant.

He tweeted: "What we're doing now is exactly what we've been doing since the inception of Nigeria, insulting each other, religious & tribal wars, politicising everything & making very little progress.

“I guess this was the plan of those who put hundreds of tribes together as one Nigeria."

The tweet resulted in a huge debate on Twitter. While some social media users stated that diversity should make the bond stronger between tribes, others thought differently.

A social media user, identified as Inah Joseph Odey, was of the opinion that our forefathers should be blamed for this.

"This bigotry, tribalism, hatred, religious intolerance, etc. were all started by our forefathers and our generation has continued to live with/by them. It's quite sad how we have been divided across these lines. I wish we can decide to put all these aside. ...not good for us! Pensive face," he tweeted.

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