5 Ways To Keep Busy As A Student During The Lockdown

5 Ways To Keep Busy As A Student During The Lockdown

Are you a student who has been shut indoors for what feels like an eternity? Not sure how to spend your days? Find five ways to keep busy here.

Titilayo Olurin

If you are a student in Nigeria, you have probably been shut indoors for more than two weeks now.

You have watched all the shows you could possibly watch, shared every gist you brought home from school with your siblings and parents, exhausted all the topics you could ever discuss with your folks, and now you are so bored out of your wits you think you might lose your mind.

We get it. Totally! That is why we serve you five ways to keep busy during this lockdown.

1. Read

You probably think this is not much of an idea because that is all you do when your school is on session. But there is no such thing as reading too much. Read a book on learning a new skill, read novels, read an inspirational or instructional book, read online articles. The best way to improve your vocabulary and writing is to read.

Do not spend all your time on social media. Cultivate the habit of reading to keep your mind busy. It would also not hurt to return to your school books. This way, when school reopens, you can continue right where you left off.

2. Keep a journal

If you have never kept a journal, now is the time to consider keeping one. Like reading, writing a journal keeps your mind busy, is mentally stimulating and helps you stay productive.

You do not only write down your thoughts or daily activities in your journal but also share ideas and plans that you might forget and find useful later on. Besides, when you keep a journal, you can vent and let go of all your emotions rather than bottling them up.

3. Set new goals

You may be reluctant to set new goals if you have not achieved your old ones. But there is no better time to set goals than now. Remember, as you set your goals, to categorize them into short and long term.

You should also set timelines and strategize or make plans on how you want to achieve them. This will make you take the action that is required to reach your goals. It is fine, too, if you choose to tweak your old goals rather than setting new ones.

4. Clean

We do not just mean cleaning. We mean catching up on the deep cleaning you have been postponing forever, like decluttering your wardrobe, shoe rack or bookshelf, clearing out your room, getting rid of old stuff.

It would also be nice to help your parents out with cleaning as much as you can instead of lazing around the house.

5. Learn a new language or skill

You know that language or skill you always wanted to learn but never had the time to? You should get to it now. Take that course, learn that skill or brush up on the old skill you always had.

Do you perhaps want to brush up on your cooking skills? Why not spend more time in the kitchen or watch YouTube videos on cooking? What about baking, photography, drawing, using a musical instrument? These are things you can learn on the internet. Plus, any skill you learn now may be useful to you in future.

Whether you are in your early adolescent years and in secondary school or late adolescent years and at the university, you will definitely find all the aforementioned tips useful.

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