5 Ways To Beat Boredom During The Lockdown

5 Ways To Beat Boredom During The Lockdown

Want to beat boredom during the lockdown? Read this.

Titilayo Olurin

The lockdown is anything but over and many of us still do not know what to do with ourselves.

Besides working from home, getting a couple of house chores done and bonding with family, there seems little else to do.

The thought of staying home another week or more gets us on edge and we cannot help but worry about what we will do if this lockdown lasts longer than we had hoped.

Here! Find five ways to beat boredom

1. Create a scrapbook

This is one of the most fun ways to create memories. Look for old pictures of yourself, friends, relatives and pets (dogs, cats, parrots etc) and create a scrapbook with sweet, crazy and funny words that you can look back on in future. You can also take new pictures and document your daily activities during the lockdown in a scrapbook.

2. Remodel or renovate your space

Your space could be your bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, workspace - anywhere you spend the most time or that you can call your own. This does not have to be anything major. You could just move a couple of things around, perhaps your bedstand, your dressing cabinet, table and chair, to spice things up or to create the feel of a new space. If you have some paint, you can paint your space in bright new colours.

3. Have a karaoke or movie night

Everyone loves a good karaoke session. Get your family together in one room and have fun singing song lyrics. You should also plan a movie night with your spouse, siblings or parents. Pick a nice movie that you know everyone would like to watch or that you have heard great things about and settle in to watch it on the family’s big television screen with a bowl of popcorn and some drinks.

4. Start a podcast

Starting a podcast is easier than it sounds, especially if you have a lot of ideas to share. Map out a plan. Think about the topics you want to discuss on your podcasts and the number of times in a week you would like to record. Your next step is to do the actual recording. Podcasts will keep you busy and will give you something to look forward to each day or week.

5. Do something new

Try something different from your usual routine. It may be something as little as starting a journal, reading a new book, drawing, singing or dancing. They say dancing makes you feel good. So does exercising. You should try that, too. You could learn a new language, skill or cooking recipe. Also, try your hands on baking, blogging or photography.

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