5 Sitcoms You Should Watch During The Lockdown
The Big Bang Theory

5 Sitcoms You Should Watch During The Lockdown

Watch these five sitcoms now and you won’t be watching anything else for a long time.

Titilayo Olurin

Sitcoms are my absolute favourites, after horror and thriller movies. They make me happy, and I mean that literally.

If I am having a bad day or I am in a foul mood or just want to have a good laugh, I watch sitcoms but not just any. I have a special list and I am willing to share it with you because - well, it’s the lockdown and everyone’s complaining of boredom.

So, here, check out the list of my all-time favourite sitcoms.


1. Friends

‘Friends’ has got to be the best sitcom ever. I cannot be convinced otherwise. I have watched season one to 10 at least three times over, and each time I watch a season, I laugh like I am watching it for the first time. So you know why it tops my list.

The characters - Chandler with his sarcasm, Monica with her obsessive, controlling personality (I consider her to be my kindred spirit), Phoebe with her brutally honest opinions on things, Rachel with her great fashion sense (Oh, yes! Her 90s fashion sense is still considered tasteful today) and desire to be independent, Joey with his stupidity and philandering ways and Ross with his geekiness - all make the sitcom what it is - extremely hilarious!

You can find it on Netflix or on 02TVseries.com.

The Big Bang Theory

2. The Big Bang Theory

I watched my first episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in 2014 - I think - after I heard nothing but great things about it from a friend, and I was immediately hooked. Before then, I was sceptical about watching it because I thought it was going to be all about science. But I could not be more wrong.

Sheldon would make you want to box his ears in and hug him all at once. Never giving in to intimidation and not one for sarcasm, he says the most annoying yet intelligent things. He makes his flatmate, Leonard, who is also intelligent, look rather stupid. Think of their friend and colleague, Howard, as Chandler in ‘Friends’ who is as sarcastic as they come.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

3. The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Okay, I admit it, I am a sucker for old sitcoms. They make the sitcoms of today look like a big joke. If you did not know that Will Smith started his career as a comic actor and became famous after his role in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, you have obviously been living under a rock.

He acts as Will Smith, a young man who moves from Philadelphia to Bel-Air, a rich neighbourhood where his relatives stay. Besides bullying his cousin, Carlton, all the time, he repeatedly makes wrong decisions which get him in trouble. His character and the characters of others, including the not so smart Hilary, her sister, Ashley, their father, Uncle Phil, and butler, Geoffrey Butler, are fun to watch.

Like the first two on my list, you can find this sitcom on Netflix.

Everybody Hates Chris

4. Everybody Hates Chris

Chris Rock does a good job of narrating the events in his life as a teenage black kid in a predominantly white school in the most amusing way.

The teenager lives with his family in a crime-filled neighbourhood and has to deal with bullying amidst other issues like racism and segregation. With a stingy, hilarious father, a strict mother and siblings who are almost always at each other’s throats, the sitcom follows a normal family trying to survive in the early ’80s.

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

5. Hangin’ In With Mr. Cooper

My list is incomplete without ‘Hangin’ in with Mr. Cooper.’ This sitcom has its plot woven around the teacher, Mr. Cooper, and the platonic relationship he has with his two roommates, one of whom has a daughter. It is thoroughly amusing and will leave you in stitches. I feel like I watched it forever ago but it remains etched on my memory and I strongly recommend it.

There you have it, Folks! The five sitcoms that are totally worth checking out now.

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