Ekemini Ekerette
Ekemini Ekerette

Celebrity Trainer, Ekemini Ekerette, Bares It All On Healthy Living, Fitness And Fame

Kemen, as he is popularly called, explains his fitness goals and vision for Nigerians in this detailed interview 

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The ever-bustling city of Lagos has come to an unprecedented halt; one many did not see coming and the once busy city has transferred its energy into trying to stay sane and productive.

At the early stage of the lockdown, many seemed enthusiastic about the compulsory break, although some expressed concern about the halt in commercial activities.

After a few days in isolation and no movement, so many took to social media and tried to remain sane.

Like most others in isolation, I have become quite restless and desperately need something to productively while away time and burn some calories, because like you, I am petrified of losing my summer body.

Bored of scrolling through Instagram, I found Kemen’s workout session and instantly knew it was a lifesaver. After joining the workout session which has quickly become a fitness movement, tagged “Bite With Kemen”, it became expedient to have a conversation with the celebrity fitness and wellness expert, Ekemini Ekerette, known to many as Kemen.

Kemen and I had a conversation before the live session, and he was more than willing to educate Nigerians on the importance of imbibing an active workout lifestyle.

I asked the well-built, muscular fitness expert why he started the daily workout sessions at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., engaging his fans and followers in rigorous calories burning exercises.

According to Kemen, when he started going live on Instagram, he never intended to make it a daily routine but the acceptance and outpour of requests from fans necessitated a daily workout session and, according to him, the testimonials he keeps getting have served as a motivation to keep going.

I further probed Kemen on why he loved working out so much, his reply wasn’t one I saw coming. Kemen replied that left to him he would only work out maybe three times weekly just to keep fit, but he has to stay disciplined and responsible for his clients by training them daily and this, in turn, forces him to work out daily at multiple times.

I also wanted to know how his business has become affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 and the compulsory lockdown. Kemen agreed that although he engages some of his clients in online workout sessions, his biggest clients who pay the big bucks have been left struggling because online workout cannot be compared to the physical drilling they get.

He said he has had to adjust and improvise with online training sessions for now till the lockdown is over. Kemen opined that even after the lockdown he might have to stay in isolation for another two weeks to build his immune system properly.

Kemen has become a well-known and respected fitness brand in Lagos, especially because of his affiliation with celebrities and influencers. I asked how he deals with the fame which came with the position, he simply replied that he considers himself a hustler, therefore he is not puffed up by the fame and popularity but instead uses it to increase his client base. He also explained that he is quite private and doesn’t show to the public anything other than his work.

Out of bubbling curiousity, I asked Kemen if he was planning to tour the route of Cory Callie (international celebrity trainer who also appears on ‘Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian’), Kemen replied in the negative.

His vision is explicitly clear; encourage Nigerians to inculcate a healthy workout lifestyle; hence, the reason he chose to focus his niche on celebrity training. The goal, according to him, is to influence those who look up to the celebrities to imbibe workout in their daily routine.

In his final words, Kemen advised all to utilize this isolation wisely and it would be an added advantage if, after the lockdown, everyone came out with toned, fit and summer-ready bodies.

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