Day 1: My Quarantine Diary
My Quarantine Diary

Day 1: My Quarantine Diary

Read the daily, non-fictional tales of a young, unmarried Nigerian woman who lives in Lagos at this time.


I have done everything short of tearing out my hair and climbing up my walls. Each day of the lockdown leaves me feeling listless, lethargic and at a loss for what to do.

Oh, you have heard about the lockdown. Of course, you must have. Who hasn’t?

Lagos and a few other states in the country have been on lockdown for some time now - a week, two, I am not so sure anymore.

I have lost count of the days, as I sleep, wake, exercise - or I try to because it is beginning to feel like a torturous task - work, eat and watch Netflix.

Netflix has also begun to bore me. Me? Anike of Netflix. How can it bore me? Yea, well, a couple of days more and it will begin to stink. I think I have watched everything on there and there is nothing left for me to watch.

The other day, I tried to watch a movie and I woke up to its end, with saliva drooling down the sides of my lips. Sigh! I tire! I tire for this COVID-19 matter. Yes, I had to change it to pidgin.

Will there ever be an end to it? When will it be? What can we do besides staying indoors?

You have no idea how tired I am of staying home. I was never one to go out. But I enjoyed seeing my colleagues, hanging out with friends, visiting cousins. Now, all that is gone. I am stuck at home!

This is not the first day of my quarantine, it is just the first day of writing about it. I am a Lagos girl, a proper one, born and bred, with no chills. I do not mince words. I say it as it is. My friends know me.

Speaking of friends ... I have still not heard from Tudun. I will not get in touch. Let us just kuku be waiting for each other.

Anyway, since it is my first day, I will keep it short. I promise to be here with more gist tomorrow.

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