Faith Osayi, CEO, Mudiz Hairs
Faith Osayi, CEO, Mudiz Hairs

“I Sell My Hairs Cheaper Than Many International Hair Companies,” Says CEO, Mudiz Hair

Hair business is so competitive and wide but Faith Osayi has carved a niche for herself with thousands of customers. Find out her secrets in this insightful interview.

Gold Nne

Hair business is one lucrative business that has taken over the entrepreneurial scene in Nigeria, especially Lagos.

We find many individuals relocating to the commercial city of the country to invest and kickstart their hair businesses on a small or large scale.

One of these individuals who not only relocated to start the business but also has become a household name in Lagos is Mrs Faith Osayi, the CEO of Mudiz Hair and Skincare Wholesale Deal.

Mudiz, as she has become popularly known, grew up in Benin, Edo State, but has recently relocated to Lagos with her family to engage in the sales of human hair extensions of different grades and start her own skincare line.

Mrs Faith Osayi
Mrs Faith Osayi

Gold Nne had a live interview on Happenings Media Instagram page with Mudiz Hair about making sales during this lockdown enforced by the government, and how she has been able to stay relevant amidst the panic and outcry of lack of money in the country.

I asked Mudiz how she has been able to gain the trust of her clients who patronize her and do not get their hairs until three weeks after, she replied: “I didn’t really put anything in place, the thing is that in hair business sometimes you can order for hairs and get it within two to three days, while at other times, the agent might disappoint you and send it after two or three weeks, so it's not stable.

“That is why I always tell my clients that delivery starts from two weeks and I am not saying everyone will get it at two weeks. But I always put it out and carry my customers along that I haven’t received the hair. For those who always send DM to disturb when they don’t get their goods on time, I always ask if I should do a refund to them but most times they decline and choose to wait instead.

Lockdown Convos with Gold Nne
Lockdown Convos with Gold Nne

“Because I am a straightforward person, before anyone makes payment into my account, I always ask them if they can wait, when they agree, then I tell them to go ahead.

“They have been able to trust me because I am always on social media explaining to them and most times even with the three-week waiting period they are still excited to wait because my hairs are cheaper and when the clients receive the hairs, they always love the quality.”

On every corner of Instagram, you find different women and men selling hairs, out of curiosity, I asked Mudiz what makes her different from every other hair vendor out there.

“I take my customers like my friends and family members because they are the ones helping me survive. I am not a greedy hair vendor and my customers know this. Most of these customers check out the prices of other hair vendors and even companies but they have found out that I offer cheaper prices even more than some hair companies,” she affirmed.

“I believe that the price rate at which I sell makes me different from other hair vendors. Some hair vendors might buy at a very cheap rate and because of their affiliation with known people and celebrities will choose to sell at 100,000 naira and above, hair that normally shouldn’t be more than 45,000 naira. My clients know that Mudiz will never add unreasonable profits to my hairs and the quality is always lovely.

“My highest profit I make on each hair, selling is to retailers is 5,000 naira and for wholesalers, my profit on each hair is about 1,500 naira. I also take out time to educate my wholesalers on different strategies to get customers and we sometimes delve into personal issues and I offer them advice, so my relationship with my customers transcends just business.”

Mrs Osayi revealed that while hair business is a multi-billion-dollar industry, it is not without its challenges, the biggest of which she describes as the delay in goods getting to her before getting to the client.

Also, she explained that insults and castigation from clients make the list of challenges.

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