Day 2: My Quarantine Diary
My Quarantine Diary

Day 2: My Quarantine Diary

Read the daily, non-fictional tales of a young, unmarried Nigerian woman who lives in Lagos at this time.


Today was not so bad. I certainly did not feel like climbing up my walls. Maybe because I woke up in a happy mood. Was it my chat with Olumide last night? Perhaps. Or was it the dream I had about going off to some island somewhere? Not sure.

All I know for sure is, I had an early breakfast and got in as much work as I could before noon.

Breakfast was bread with the last two eggs in the house. Sigh! I refuse to think about all the things that are finished in this house. No, I will not be disturbed by the thought.

I washed my breakfast down with coffee. It was either that or tea without milk. I drank the last of my milk and Milo with the last two slices of bread in the fridge last night. So, I was not left with much choice.

Plus, I could not afford to sleep. The work from yesterday was still open on my laptop.

Of course, the boss (I will tell you about him later) called to give me some more work. It was fine, actually. I wanted to keep busy anyway.

I took a break a little after 2 pm and the last thing I wanted to do was sleep. So I watched a movie on Netflix. You remember that movie I spoke of the last time? The one I slept off watching? ‘Spenser Confidential’ was the title. I got back to it today.

For a Mark Wahlberg movie, I didn’t think it was spectacular. Wouldn’t say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wouldn’t say it was boring either.

As you might have guessed, my break was longer than I intended. But I put in some more work and I am sure I will have it all ready for the boss tomorrow.

Guess who finally called. Tudun!.

“Anike! Mumu! Fool! Ode!” she started with her normal greeting over the phone.

Her voice seemed a bit huskier than I remembered it to be.

“Ode!” I greeted back, catching myself smiling and forgetting my anger towards her. “Wetin do your voice?”

“Na cold o!” she responded in pidgin. “The kine sore throat and cough wey do me yesterday, abeg nor be am.”

“Na coro be dat?” I joked, walking into the kitchen and looking around. I opened the fridge and shut it back. There was not much left in there and I made a mental note to replace the empty crate of eggs tomorrow. How I was going to do that, I had no idea.

“You nor well. Sometin dey worry you,” she responded, laughing. Mumu! Abeg abeg abeg.”

I had not heard from her since that big fight we had had at the office, just before the lockdown, and I was happy to finally hear her voice.

“Ah, but Anike, you nor try,” she continued.

“Wetin I do? What did I do now, Madam?” I asked.

“Go jor,” was all she said before she hurriedly said her goodbye and hung up.

I thought I heard Kunle, her boyfriend, in the background. If anything made Tudun stupid, it was her boyfriend.

But I will not get into that now.

I think today was a good day. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. Will get back to some more work now and save what is left of my strength for my exercises tomorrow morning.

Signing out,


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