5 Indoor Date Night Ideas For Couples During The Lockdown
Date night

5 Indoor Date Night Ideas For Couples During The Lockdown

As the lockdown continues in Lagos and some other parts of the country, see some exciting things you can do indoors with your partner on a date night.

Titilayo Olurin

Date nights do not have to be boring. Couples can have as much fun as they want and have romantic dates in spite of the lockdown. There are so many indoor date night ideas that you can explore and we have compiled five of the best we could find. Check them out!

1. Have a dinner date

Dinner date

Who says a romantic dinner date has to happen in a fancy restaurant? You can plan a romantic dinner date indoors, with sweet-smelling candles, rose petals, some champagne or wine, the whole nine yards.

You can either prepare dinner together or order in. It would be nice to start the night by cooking together, though. Next, take a shower and get dressed up for the date. Ensure that your dining table is set to taste, then turn on some slow, romantic music, turn off your lights and light your candles. There! You have your perfect romantic dinner date indoors.

2. Plan a movie night

Movie night

No, we do not mean chilling with Netflix. We mean a proper movie night. Choose a movie theme and a couple of good movies with that theme. Then choose a good time for you and your spouse to watch. You can order in some pizza and wine or popcorn and ice cream.

Then snuggle on the couch to watch. If you are doing romantic movies, you can shed a few happy tears together, and if you are watching a comedy, you can laugh freely together without any inhibitions. Nothing beats a great, well-planned movie night.

3. Have a game night

Game night

From chess and card games to video games and truth or dare, there are so many games to play. So, get creative. Have some wine with you as you play your games. You can also have some music playing in the background while you engage in a healthy competition that could help add sparks to your romance.

4. Have a spa night

Spa night

Enjoy a great spa session at home. Pamper each other with massages, music, and calming beauty products. Men can also choose to polish their wife’s toenails and fingernails while women could give their men a perfect foot rub. You can top off the night with a bubble bath and some great sex.

5. Have a yoga night

Yoga night

You can have a yoga night with your partner. It is soothing, relaxing and healthy. Plus, it is just what you need at this time. You should try it. If you do not know much about yoga, perhaps you can learn it from one of the many videos on YouTube and have some fun with your partner while practising.

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