Kayanmata: The Myths And Facts By Bolu, CEO Of Hottis Glam

Kayanmata: The Myths And Facts By Bolu, CEO Of Hottis Glam

What are the myths and truths about Kayanmata? Find out here.

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There are a lot of things about the new trend of locally made sex enhancers which are not understood by many, including those who use the products.

From conversations with some Kayanmata sellers, there seems to be more to these products than meets the eye.

The CEO of Hottis Glam, Bolu A.E., claims that Kayanmata is a spiritual product and, as such, the people who buy it need to put in some amount of spiritual work to see and enjoy the results.


Here are some myths and facts about Kayanmata products.

1. Kayanmata is Juju

No! This, according to Bolu, is a huge myth. Contrary to popular opinion, Kayanmata is not juju or jazz and it cannot make someone like or fall in love against their will.

2. Kayanmata is spiritual

Yes, it is a bit complex. According, to Bolu, Kayanmata involves fortification, prayers and some spiritual gymnastics.

“Some products, like the favour oil, curse breaker, need prayers both from the seller and the user to work effectively,” she reveals.


3. Kayanmata makes you hold on to a man or vice versa

This seems to be one of the grey areas of the popular products.

Bolu insists, “Kind of, for a married woman who uses Kayanmata after about two kids, the vagina becomes tight, the husband would enjoy having sex with her. Because most women after childbearing let themselves go and lose the urge to get intimate with their husbands, but with Kayanmata a woman, can be wet and enjoy sex with the husband, and the husband also would not want to leave his wife.”


4. Kayanmata will help you take someone’s husband

“No, it won’t. Kayanmata is not magic. If a man doesn’t like you, he can’t be attracted to you even with the Kayanmata. Instead, Kayanmata will help you locate your man,” Bolu explains.

5. Does Kayanmata make a stingy man generous?

“It makes the man like you more. It is not jazz or juju but the sex-enhancing kit has to be used on the man as well. The lady also has to pray very well for the product to work effectively,” Bolu responds.


6. Would Kayanmata break an ancestral curse?

“It will work based on belief, Kayanmata sellers also play the role of spiritual consultants,” the Hottis Glam CEO says.

She does spiritual consultations for her clients and the result she gets for people irrespective of their religious beliefs is usually positive.

According to her, before she grants anyone a physical consultation, she has to pray and she acts according to whatever instruction she receives.

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