Why I Started My Kayanmata Business - Bolu, CEO Of Hottis Glam 
Bolu, aka Kaya Queen

Why I Started My Kayanmata Business - Bolu, CEO Of Hottis Glam 

The CEO of Hottis Glam, Bolu, aka Kaya Queen, shares her experience in the business of Kayanmata in this interview with Gold Nne. 

Gold Nne

Aphrodisiacs and sexual enhancers have been in existence since time immemorial, but the locally made ones, known as ‘Kayanmata’, spark many questions daily.

The Northern word, ‘Kayanmata’, means women matter and is believed to be part of the Northern tradition which has been alive for centuries but lost in translation in the internet age.

There have been many controversies surrounding the use of Kayanmata, which is said to make a man love his partner more and even go out of his way to spend lavishly on her.

Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to have an online conversation with Bolu, aka Kaya Queen, a Kayanmata seller and CEO of Hottis Glam, to know all about this business.

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What is Kayanmata?

They are basically sexual enhancers but there are two aspects. Firstly, we have the simple Kayanmata, which involves sweeteners, personal sex aids and sex-enhancing aids, and secondly, the other which is a bit complex involves a bit of spirituality. Under these I have products that come from Turkey, China, Egypt and so on.

Kayanmata working in a person’s life, especially the spiritual one, is strictly based on belief. Also, I pray and fast to God to make my products work and I have been getting results. I feel the simple Kayanmata, which are sexual enhancers, are a must-have for every lady.

Why do people condemn Kayanmata in Nigeria?

Because Nigerians are hypocritical in nature. They come out openly to criticize and abuse Kayanmata sellers but secretly slide into our DMs and ask to buy from us. Most people do not like discussing or even admitting their problems, so they hide it.


Does one need certification to delve into the business of Kayanmata?

I studied and researched about Kayanmata, starting with the uses of gorontula (kola nut), from Google, YouTube and books. I also decided to register my business as well to be held liable and accountable for my products.

I also started using it on myself. I also advise wholesalers who buy from me to test it as well. There is no proper institution to learn about the Kayanmata business but I learnt from research and asking questions from other colleagues in the business.

You explained that you have to fast and pray for your products to work? Why?

Normally, before I sell anything in life, you need to have the oil; the grace to make sales, therefore I believe it is only normal I fast and pray for my business.

Each time I get products, like blue eye ring which is gotten from Turkey but is first sent to other temples for fortification, I pray. When it comes into Nigeria, I pray and fast so it works on my clients. I tell God to help me sell it and my customers should also come back with good testimonies.

Why did you decide to delve into the Kayanmata business?

A friend of mine approached me and complained that she had serious vaginal discharge with a terrible odour. I studied social works in school, so I already had public knowledge about it. The friend complained that she had tried modern medicine severally to no avail.

I made some research, got some local leaves and mixed it with lime and gave her to use it. Three days later, she called that it had worked. She gave to a friend who also confirmed the potency of the herbal concoction. After that, I decided to start the business to help women boost their confidence.

What causes vaginal odour?

It is caused by infection. This infection is not restricted to women alone, as some men also have odour in their private parts as well. Vaginal odour stems from having unwanted bacteria/organisms in the body. This infection can show in different forms. Wearing tight pants can cause vaginal infection/odour, sharing of toilet makes one at a high risk of contracting the infection. Drying underwear in damp places and douching also cause this odour.

For men, the balls rarely have fresh air, especially when the boxers are on and most men would not want to walk naked just to receive fresh air. Men do not always have smelly balls, but sharing of toilet, sexually transmitted infections can cause smelly balls.

The solution to this is using antiperspirant on the balls to reduce sweat production, make it fresh and clean. Also, men should avoid wearing one boxer for as long as five days.

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