The Emergence Of Online Challenge Champions And TikTok Ambassadors
Tonto Dikeh

The Emergence Of Online Challenge Champions And TikTok Ambassadors

People are turning to TikTok, Thriller and online challenges to deal with boredom, but what more can we actively do to ensure we reach out to the less privileged right now?

Gold Nne

Right now, everywhere you turn online, there is one live video happening. All the Nollywood stars are trying to stay relevant with TikTok while artistes are rolling out challenges to boost the awareness of their songs.

Top of the online challenges right now are ‘Don’t Rush’ by Young T and Bugsey, ‘BOPdaddy’ by Falz and Ns. Banks, and ‘Toosieslide’ by Drake.

The online challenge craze did not just start, but since the lockdown, many celebrities outside and within Nigeria have tried to use these challenges to create content on their many platforms.

It started with ‘Something’ by WizKhalifa, featuring TY dolla$ign, which was everywhere till some people, myself included, started cringing at the lyrics of the song because we had had enough.

Another popular thing happening right now is TikTok. We, the fans, are beginning to see the actors who are not so good at reading scripts and interpreting lines. In fact, some dramatic actresses have started using it as a means of competition to show others that they are better actors, instead of leaving it to their fans to be the judge. Nkechi Blessing, one of the Yoruba-Nigerian actresses, is sitting on this table with her legs crossed.

Nkechi Blessing

While creating content to keep the fans entertained seems rosy, I think our celebrities can do more, like their international colleagues that they try to emulate and rub shoulders with.

At this juncture, I would love to applaud Tonto Dikeh for taking the bull by the horn and going out of her comfort zone to actively reach out to the less privileged. While she might not be able to reach everyone in Abuja, the effort is seen and has been applauded by not just Nigerians but even the World Health Organization (WHO).

Although some would say she has been doing this for clout, I would advise anyone who chooses to ignore the good in her action to also go out and feed the needy for clout.

You would agree with me that almost all celebrities, especially the females, have one foundation or the other but many have gone into hiding under the guise of social distancing since the start of the pandemic.

While practising social distancing is okay, I am yet to see a Nigerian celebrity try to use their content to raise money for COVID-19 patients or collectively come together and create a GoFundMe account similar to what P. Diddy, a.k.a. Brother Love, has been doing for the people on the streets who can’t even afford to be on social media. Instead, Nigerian celebrities, as always, are waiting for some international funds to come their way as well.

Celebrities outside Nigeria aren’t sleeping and waiting for the government to come give them a kiss of awakening like sleeping beauty before they swing into action. They are coming together to contribute their quota by helping each other out.

Nigerian celebrities should do the same thing and stop advising women to use their last dime to buy different shapes and sizes of dildos to pleasure themselves in hunger.

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