The Return Of One Million Boys: Raging Cowardice Or Hunger?
One Million Boys 

The Return Of One Million Boys: Raging Cowardice Or Hunger?

Are the One Million Boys hungry and in need or just toying with the emotions of the poor masses?

Gold Nne

I never heard of the One Million Boys until recently when my friend vividly narrated how they visited her family six years ago in Apapa.

I felt chills and goosebumps listening to her story. I couldn’t fathom how a group of people could be so bold to send out letters to their intending victims before shamelessly visiting and robbing them.

The week has been filled with gory stories by my friends staying in and around Surulere, how some houses had received letters from this group of hoodlums who came out to rob in their 20s and sometimes 30s with sophisticated weapons, showing no mercy to their victims.

While there is never a right time to rob, this is not the time to pounce on the poor masses who are managing their lives, breaking into their savings, clinging unto the last ray of hope and trying to stay alive.

One Million Boys could have chosen targets like their politicians who have coveted the billions sent to them for the masses but they chose to remain cowards and take from the middle-class citizens.

Or could it be that these are hoodlums, called ‘area boys’, parading themselves as One Million Boys and choosing to go in search of foods from their neighbours?

The fear among the residents of Surulere became so palpable that they called a general meeting to discuss the way forward, as there were reports that even the police officers could barely come to their rescue.

At this point, it is important everyone stays home, praying and hoping for safety whilst still hoping that the police and vigilantes come to the rescue of the innocent masses.

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