5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Indoors During The Lockdown 
Staying indoors

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Indoors During The Lockdown 

Besides obeying the government’s lockdown order, there are important reasons why you should stay indoors at this time. Find them here. 

Titilayo Olurin

Some are tired of the lockdown already and want to leave their houses. They are bored with being shut indoors and are beginning to feel like hermits.

They hate that they cannot hang out with friends, attend events and just enjoy the freedom of going out whenever they please.

A few have actually been going out without a care or worry in the world, acting oblivious to the fact that they are putting themselves at risk of contracting the coronavirus or infecting others with the virus.

Yet, there has never been a more crucial time to stay indoors than now. If you are still not convinced, find five reasons why you should stay indoors here.

1. You are protecting your friends and family

By staying indoors, you are not only obeying the government’s lockdown order, as you should, but you are also protecting your friends and family.

Rather than complaining that you cannot hang out with members of your family that do not live with you and friends, you should dwell on the fact that staying indoors reduces the chances of spreading the coronavirus to people you love.

2. You are safe at home

Home is where you are most safe during this period. When you leave your house, even for a moment, you are exposing yourself to the coronavirus.

Many people who feel and look healthy might actually be carriers of the virus but are asymptomatic and you have absolutely no idea. It is, thus, easy for them to infect you. Think of it this way - you are not stuck indoors, you are safe indoors.

3. You are giving up your freedom for a good cause

This is not the time to complain about not having the freedom you want. You are not giving up your freedom for the fun of it. You are doing it for a good cause.

Imagine what would happen if everyone complained about giving up their freedom and decided to go out. It would be catastrophic! But if you stay indoors, you are helping to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

4. You are learning to count your blessings

You will become more thankful for the little things when you are indoors. You will begin to appreciate better those things you miss doing now and took for granted in the past, like meeting up with family and friends, attending events, going to the gym, socializing with colleagues, going out with your partner on date nights.

5. You are becoming a better version of yourself

Since you are always indoors, you have a lot of time on your hands and it makes sense to use it to your advantage. You could learn a skill, polish your talent (s), start a business, find a hobby, discover your passion, develop your CV, improve your knowledge, write a book, start exercising for the body you want, work on the traits that you do not like about yourself - laziness, bad temper, mood swings, among others.

There are so many things you can and should do during the lockdown. If you get to them now, you will become a much better version of yourself when this is all over.

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