5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Work During The Lockdown

5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Work During The Lockdown

With the lockdown imposed on certain states, some find themselves struggling to make their relationship work. See how to make your relationship survive the lockdown. 

Titilayo Olurin

Your relationship may not be going quite as well as it should during this period. Perhaps because you live in different parts of the state or country and cannot see each other as often as you used to. Plus, the lockdown routine is a new experience for you and your partner and you are still struggling to adjust to it.

If keeping your relationship at this time is beginning to feel like a burden, check out five ways to ease that burden.

1. Communicate regularly

Communicate regularly

While it is not a good idea to bombard each other with phone calls and text messages, it is important that you communicate regularly - at least once a day.

Communicating is one of the best ways to make a relationship work. You should make use of Skype, WhatsApp video calls and other available platforms to see each other while you communicate. Talking over the phone and exchanging cute texts can also help strengthen the bond between partners.

2. Do things together

Do things together

Now, this might sound crazy since you are probably miles apart during this period. But it is not impossible for you to do things together. Quite on the contrary, this is the best time to do that.

Suggest an online game to your partner and play it together. For instance, you could both download the ‘House Party’ app on your phones, create an account and play games on there. You can also watch movies, read books with your partner and discuss them.

3. Flirt with each other

Flirt with each other

Keep the sparks of your romance burning by flirting with each other. The lockdown is boring enough and no one needs those long, boring text messages to make it even worse.

Tease each other with flirty, racy messages and pictures. Let your partner know that you are just as sexually attracted to them as you are in love with them. Get creative with your messages.

4. Make plans together

Make plans together

Let your partner know that you are ready and willing to keep the relationship beyond this lockdown. If they are on the same page with you, this should be easy.

So, while making immediate plans, like what games you are going to play tonight, what book or movie you are reading or watching next, make future plans about the things you will do and places you will visit after the lockdown.

5. Stay positive

Stay positive

It is easy to despair during this period but you must stay positive. Do not let all the negativity around you influence your attitude towards your relationship. Do not entertain fear about your relationship or your partner. Like other struggles you have had to deal with in the past, this too will turn out fine.

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