Elohor Ovite 
Elohor Ovite 

“Another Lady’s Man Is Nobody’s Man If He Isn’t Married,” Says Ovite, Kayanmata Expert 

Read all about Elohor Ovite’s passion for the Kayanmata business in this insightful interview with Gold Nne.

Gold Nne

I had intended to speak with Elohor Ovite on just skincare but she explained that skincare took the backseat in 2018 when she discovered Kayanmata.

According to her, the testimonies she has gotten from selling the products have been mind-blowing.

Following my previous conversation with Bolu A.E. of Hottis Glam, whom I discovered was a childhood friend of Elohor in the course of the conversation, I decided to find out more about this Kayanmata business.

Why do you think it is important for women to use Kayanmata?

Back then in the old days, our grandparents ran to herbs to treat sicknesses. They had local medicine houses as well. I believe Kayanmata is an improvement of those herbs. It is still the local herbs from trees and bushes but it has been modernised to enhance oneself.

There's an involvement of spirituality in Kayanmata. Why?

It's not really involvement of spirituality to me. For example, when you go to church on Sunday, your pastor prays on your anointing oil but it is your faith that makes it work. We do not ask for your name or your father's name before it works. I liken it to those wristbands people buy in churches for good luck and favour. It works randomly, based on your belief.

We find a lot of people who sell Kayanmata misleading the public on the effects and results of using the products. Some people who have used it claimed that it did not work as effectively as the sellers portrayed. Why is that?

That's true. We are all humans, we have to see through. When we go to church and your pastor asks you to bring anointing oil, not everyone comes back the next Sunday with testimonies. Why is that?

There are Kayanmata products for vagina tightening, finding the right partner, getting money and so on. Which is real or effective and which is not?

To me, it's just the way we have fake pastors and real pastors, the same applies to Kayanmata sellers. In fact, I had to discontinue selling some of my products because I wasn't getting the 80% testimonies I used to get at the beginning when customers started using the products. The thing is, we the sellers are not the ones fortifying the products, so I can only promote the ones which give me lots of testimonies from my clients.

Do you have Kayanmata products to take over another lady's man and would you attend to a woman who wants those products?

Well, to me, someone else's man is nobody's man if he isn't married to her. Because a man might be with a lady for 8 years and they are not soulmates and they are not destined to get married. I feel a man courting a woman, if they are not married I can't say I'm 100% sure of the relationship. What I can do for the lady is give her products (like get my man back kit) that if he's your husband, he will come to you. But if he's not, someone better who is your husband will come to you.

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