5 Ways To Manage The Stress Of Homemaking During The Lockdown

5 Ways To Manage The Stress Of Homemaking During The Lockdown

Are you a wife and mother who is dealing with the stress of managing her home during the lockdown? Find five ways to de-stress here!

Titilayo Olurin

Managing a home is no mean feat, especially when the kids are indoors all day. You do not only have house chores to get to, but you also have to constantly supervise your kids if they are still young.

It is worse if you are a working mom, as you have to find means to get your office job done around kids who are naturally restless. And you probably do not get as much help as you would like from your spouse.

Now, you are stressed out and you are not sure how much longer this will go on for. Here! Find five ways to manage the stress of taking care of your home during the lockdown.

1. Give yourself a break

It is okay to take a break. You cannot work round the clock and expect to be fine. A break could be something as simple as a short nap, a bubble bath, listening to soothing music or just a few minutes of alone time in your room. You need the break so you do not feel too overwhelmed. There is little you can do when you are overwhelmed.

2. Do not expect perfection

You do not have to get it right all the time. Your kids may spill something on the floor, they may soil their clothes or throw tantrums. There may be dirty dishes in the sink or laundry piled up, you may run out of some foodstuff. It does not make you a bad mother or homemaker. Do not get yourself worked up over everything that goes wrong in the home. Some things can be overlooked.

3. Ask for help

You should not carry the burden of managing the home alone. Your partner is there to help you. If he does not offer any help, ask for it. Do not assume that he knows what to do and do not be too proud to ask. You deserve all the help you can get from him. That is why he is your partner. Take turns looking after the kids or cleaning the house.

4. Have a support system

Talk to other homemakers like you who understand what you are going through and can give you the support you need. Your friends, extended family, or your spouse can also provide the emotional support you need at this time.

5. Celebrate the little victories

So you finally got the laundry out of the way. Great! Celebrate it. You got your toddler to use the potty. Awesome! Celebrate it. You sent in that long-overdue report to your manager even as you cooked the soup for the weekend. Beautiful! Celebrate it. Celebrate with a glass of wine, some cookies, chocolates, a good laugh over a game or a movie. Yes, your little victories are worth celebrating.

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