Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Warehouse Tryst (18+)
Titi’s Erotic Notes

Titi’s Erotic Notes: The Warehouse Tryst (18+)

Titilayo Olurin

“Baby, are you cuming?” Ahmed’s voice is muffled against my warmth.

Raising myself on my elbows, I look down at the patch of rough black hair buried in my c*nt as I remain sprawled out on the bare floor.

“So ... so … soon, Baby!” I moan my response, arching my back and spreading my legs wider apart, letting him run his tongue over my cl*t.

I reach down and push his head with a hand deeper inside my warmth. He responds by licking my juices, tickling and teasing as he does so, making tremors shoot through my body down to my thighs and legs.

“Yes! There, Baby!” I moan again, louder this time, my voice echoing through the walls of the empty warehouse, as he works his magic on my cl*t. It is only moments before he digs his tongue inside my wet, waiting flower.

“Make me come!” I beg, squirming to the feel of his tongue inside me.

He starts pushing and poking around my insides, making me even wetter.

“Fuck!” I say quietly, more under my breath than anything else, and throw my head back, still wriggling to the feel of his tongue.

Before long, he replaces his tongue with a finger, and another, then a third, and begins to thrust. He finds my G-spot and robs it until I whimper in pleasure.

“Yes!” I scream in ecstasy, not caring if I am heard, as his fingers do indescribable things to me.

He continues to thrust with his fingers, even as he keeps working on my sensitive spot.

“Oh, baby!” I raise my hips, moving them in rhythm with his thrusting. Soon, my thighs clamp down on his fingers and I collapse in a writhing heap, panting.

He stands over me and spreads his leg, then unzips his trousers, letting them fall to his ankles.

“Now, you do me,” he says, with his erect c*ck almost in my face.

I take a moment to catch my breath, then I kneel in front of his crotch before taking his long, thick c*ck in my hand.

Slowly, I cover it with my mouth, sucking till the slurping sounds fill the warehouse.

“Fuck yea!” Ahmed groans, biting his lower lip and pushing his c*ck further inside my mouth, picking up speed as he thrusts.

He grabs a handful of my hair and begins to move his hips, matching his movements with the rhythm of my head bobbing back and forth.

“Fuck, Christie! Oh, yea!” he moans, grabbing one of my breasts with his free hand before pinching my hardened nipple.

In an instant, he releases his jizz in my mouth and groans loudly, “Oh damn!”

“I must go now,” I say when he is done, using the back of my right hand to wipe my mouth and swallowing the last bit of jizz. Then I stand and begin to gather my clothes strewn on the floor.

“What? Why are you in a hurry?” He is grinning, looking down at me. “You do not have to go so soon. Let’s spend some time together.”

“Deji is home. Everyone is. And it is getting late,” I snap back at him, pulling my dress over my head.

The darkness enveloping the warehouse tells me all I need to know. It is late! Hasn’t it been over an hour or more since I told Deji, my husband, that I was getting some things at the neighbour’s kiosk? Dapo and Anuoluwapo would probably be hungry now and wonder where mummy disappeared to. Yet, here I am with my colleague's husband, who is also a colleague, in an old abandoned warehouse.

“Please, do stay,” Ahmed pleads.

I stop what I am doing and stare at him. Since the start of the lockdown, we have been using the warehouse as our rendezvous spot. We can no longer use our jobs as an excuse to spend time with each other, so I have to pretend to run errands. The fact that our houses are just a few blocks apart does not help.

“Maybe I can come out tomorrow,” I assure him, reaching for his hand.

He shakes his head and turns me around to face some boxes piled up against the wall. I hold on to one of them to steady myself.

Without warning, he lifts my dress and begins to hit his c*ck against my naked butt cheeks. It rises and is ready within seconds. Slowly, he slides it inside my waiting p*ssy from behind.

“Ah!” I let out a long gasp, spreading my legs apart and pushing back against him, urging him on to push deeper till he fills me up.

As he begins to move inside me, I let my body match his motion and place my elbows on the boxes for support, hoping they do not cave under my weight.

He clutches my hips and thrusts, slowly, steadily, moving deeper and deeper, till my warmth clutches his c*ck.

Feeling myself approach climax, I cry out in pleasure. I let myself go just as his c*ck pulses inside me and our sweaty bodies fall on each other in a heap.

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