Tosin Sino Shokoya
Tosin Sino Shokoya

I Was Told That To Get Into Acting, I had To Give My Body - Actress, Sexy Sino

Read all about actress, Tosin Sino Shokoya, aka Sexy Sino, and her passion for acting in this revealing interview with Gold Nne. 

Gold Nne

While acting in Nigeria seems to be more lucrative, enterprising and rewarding for the female folks than their male counterparts, Tosin Shokoya has refused to bend to the whims and caprices of the cartels and sexual generosity her predecessors have paid as the ultimate price for fame.

I had an online conversation with the Ebutte-Meta born, United States-based actress, known popularly as Sexy Sino. She shared some shocking revelations about the Yoruba movie industry, her quest to act and leaving the country to start out in the United States.

Sexy Sino

Sexy Sino explained that she isn’t a full-time actress. In fact, she just released her first movie which has been airing on YouTube and has garnered over 200 thousand views before it was brought down.

The actress revealed that she is a health worker and has been going to work daily to meet up with her 8-hour daily shift target and she also advised everyone to stay at home and practise social distancing.

When asked how she started her acting career in the US, she explained that she joined an association called TAMPAN two years ago, which has helped her get some acting roles.

She started by acting two or three scenes because she was still upcoming, but in her movie titled ‘Sino’, she starred in well over 20 scenes.

“Acting in the US is quite easy as compared to being in Nigeria,” revealed Sino.

Healthcare pays well, especially in the US, so out of curiosity I asked Sino why she decided to delve into acting. According to her, she started acting in church when she was little.

“I like what I see when they come over to shoot movies which was close to my house, I’ll see Aunty Funke Akindele, Aunty Fathia Balogun and I wanted to be part of that,” she stated.

Sexy Sino

“I went to one of the actors, someone I call an Uncle and asked what I have to do to become an actress, He said my body will get involved with it and I refused. I have the zeal for acting, I just want to do it. So, when I got to the states, I started talking to people that I want to act, they gave me a form to fill and that was the beginning. Here no one is asking to have sex with me first before they give me roles.”

The actress’ first project, ‘Sino’, tells a story about things that are happening in society, about a girl who wanted to get to the top without working at all. But eventually, she had to learn the hard way that no one gets to the top without working hard enough to get it.

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