Mimi Yina
Mimi Yina

Why It Took My Brand 8 Years To Gain Global Recognition - Medlin Boss

The CEO of Medlin Couture and celebrity stylist, Mimi Yina, shares her success journey into the world of fashion and style in this revealing interview.

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Due to the lockdown, a lot of fashionable people are stuck indoors, unable to go out and have photo shoots.

Speaking with the CEO of Medlin Couture and celebrity stylist, Mimi Yina, popularly referred to as Medlin Boss, about the effects of the pandemic on her business, she opens up about the loss she had to bear and refunds worth millions made to customers.

“April was meant to be one of the busiest months. I had travelled as a business person. I put a lot of capital and finance into shopping for clothes, luxury items as well.

"After the AMVCA which was one of the biggest platforms for designers, clients whom I had shopped for stayed away because they all heard that I attended the award ceremony. I had to stay isolated from everyone for 14 days, just when that was concluded, the federal government announced the compulsory lockdown," she reveals.

She acknowledges that the lockdown has been quite detrimental to the growth of her business, as she cannot attend to her numerous clients and has to refund most of her clients' money to uphold the integrity of her brand whilst trying to cushion the blow.

The stylist, who loves social media, believes that staying relevant amidst the pandemic is debatable, as the world is at a standstill. She believes most people have the time to engage on social media as opposed to when they had jobs and were busy.

She has taken advantage of the lockdown to showcase her designs and is taking out time to strategize and be more creative with her brand.

Mimi Yina also advises entrepreneurs to make their business more visible to the world.

“The data you spend online should yield you some kind of income, therefore, it is important to diversify and showcase your talent and your craft,” she says.

In Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers State, the Medlin brand started with one shop and swiftly expanded to several shops. Unfortunately, she had to leave the city due to military insurgency and insecurity.

Revealing her journey into selling on social media, the stylist says people started paying millions from her posts online and customers were no longer walking into the physical shops to patronize her.

She immediately delved into logistics for the speedy delivery of her products, starting with the three major cities, Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja. This led her to close all her shops when the online boom started because she was making at least 1 million naira daily from selling online alone.

Medlin Boss is one creative stylist who has chosen to use her online presence to showcase her fashionable creativity and sell her wares while keeping her personal life away from social media.

Curious about how she transitioned from selling clothes to styling top celebrities, the stylist explained that about 6-8 years ago when she still lived in Port Harcourt, she would ensemble clothes for actors onset in Asaba, Delta State, and go as far as styling them for free while accentuating their bodies.

She continued until she got her big recognition when she styled Alex Asogwa, known popularly as Alex Unusual from Big Brother Naija, 'Double Wahala' edition. Many reached out to her afterwards to style them. She agreed because it was a passion for her, something she happily did freely for years, but this time, the recognition came with the confidence to charge for styling and the celebrities happily obliged.

Mimi Yina, in this revealing conversation, explains that she wasn’t among the lucky ones who got the deserved recognition in two years.

She had to pay her dues, work consistently, patiently and sacrifice so much for the Medlin brand to get the recognition it now enjoys and she believes this is just the beginning. Amidst the pandemic and impending changes that most businesses will endure, the Medlin brand is unarguably here to stay and she believes the sky is big enough to accommodate all the successful ones.

Medlin Boss
Medlin Boss
Medlin Boss
Medlin Boss
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