Face mask
Face mask

Lockdown Lift: These 3 Things Can Save Your Life

These are three seemingly insignificant things that can save your life.

Titilayo Olurin

Monday, May 4th. The most talked-about day in the past week.

We all know why. This is the day scheduled by the federal government for the lockdown lift and many are returning to the office.

Staying safe is crucial now more than ever before. The importance of wearing face masks, washing our hands regularly, using hand sanitizers, and practising social distancing has been drummed into our ears repeatedly.

But how well are we prepared to hit the streets after a four-week lockdown? Check out three things you can do to stay safe.

1. Make friends with your colleagues and neighbours

Okay, we admit, now does not seem like the best time to make friends, what with social distancing and all. But here's the thing, you need to hitch a ride, as often as you can, with your neighbour whose office is close to yours or your colleague who lives in your neighbourhood.

It is either that or you take your chances with many other sweaty bodies in public buses where social distancing isn't guaranteed. Remember, your safety comes first.

2. Get creative

Creativity can save your life. There is a huge demand for face masks now and most stores will probably be out of stock before the end of the week. So, get creative with your wardrobe and sew some face masks that would go with your work clothes. This way, you can protect yourself and look fashionable at the same time.

3. Prepare for the inevitable

As hard as it is to hear, another lockdown could be on the horizon. Don't get so carried away with this lockdown lift that you forget to prepare for the inevitable.

Stock up on necessities. Ensure that you have enough soap, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and food to last at least a month. Also, if you did not work as effectively as you should have before the lockdown was lifted, now is the time to put things in place to ensure a better work from home experience next time.

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