Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy)
Amarachi Amusi (Ashmusy)

I See Zero Competition. There’s No Content Creator Like Me - Ashmusy

Funny, real and ambitious, Amarachi Amusi has taken social media by storm and she sheds some light into the world of influencing.

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Creating content on social media isn’t just lucrative anymore. It has become quite competitive as, over the years, many have seen the amount of money the content creators who have gone on to become major influencers and celebrities have raked in.

On Lockdown Convos, I had an interesting chat with Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy. We delved into the world of funny contents, through the eyes of Ashmusy. Here’s our conversation below.

What would you say makes your content different, because we know that right now the competition for content creators is massive? So, what makes your content different from the next person out there?

As far as I'm concerned there is no next person out there. That's exactly how you should see yourself in any business or whatever you want to go into at all. Because people are much everywhere. If you enter the market there are like one thousand people selling crayfish there. If you enter Yaba, people selling canvas are like millions in a particular place. So, if you want to say millions of people are doing this already, that means you don't have sense to think that way. So, you have to go there and become the king to yourself, go there and don't see any other person. Na only me for the whole content industry dey do content, dey do skit, dey do advert like me. See, there's no hair seller on Instagram doing skit properly or doing skit and selling hair properly. I'm the only one combining the two and I do it well.

Do you sometimes run out of ideas on what to create, and if that happens, what do you do about it?

It is not like I run out if ideas, though. But sometimes, you've finished posting everything on your phone and there's nothing for you to post again and you can't even think of something to do at that moment. But if you are a good content creator that God has called and formed you to be, I don't think you should run out of ideas. When that moment comes and I'm lacking what to post, I just stay and think. I just look at the things around me. I just look at a curtain, like a woman comes and grabs the curtain, screams at her husband and the man gets angry. I just somehow think with anything around me, and before you know it, I've gotten one mad story out of it and I'm like then I call my siblings, Chioma, Ogechi, let's shoot. Turn on the light, cover the curtains let's shoot.

Your family seems to be your number 1 support base, because we see you guys are close. How was it starting out? Were they always this supportive of your craft? Or did you have to convince them?

They've always been supportive, starting from my mum, my parents. Of course, if you are growing up and you say you want to be an actress in an African home. No way. They I'll throw you away. Like when I was still growing, like during my teenage I was really into the acting thing, I wanted to act. I was going for all the casting auditions and all that. My parents knew about it and they weren't so happy. They wanted me to read medicine. So, they kept saying. Fine. I can do my acting but I must get the degree first. Because they believe no career without a degree, going to school is important and all.

At some point, I had to put my foot down and say I must act. They had to go find contact for Mount Zion Movies. They wanted to carry me for deliverance after that they took me to a place where they said I can get connections for Mount Zion Movies but I still insisted on doing my Nollywood. But you knew it I had to enter school. My school was Madonna University and even when banks started calling me back for jobs, I was already in school. So, I got out three to four years ago and then I started doing my thing and now that I'm doing my thing, money is coming out of it and I'm doing well.

Of course, they'll support you, especially if you are giving them something. Sometimes, when I'm shooting, my mum will be like calm down or she'll go inside to give me peace to shoot. But if I were not doing well financially in the whole thing, she'll be like, common will you get out of here.

In some of your skits, one of your characters transitions into a man, with beards, pot belly sometimes. How long does it take you to change into that?

It takes me five minutes to change. When I'm shooting, I'm very energized, I'm very active. I'm not the slow type that will be doing sluggish, bring me this or that. No. What I do is, I carry my beards, carry my clothes, camera outside.

How long does it take you to shoot a proper skit?

Depends on how long the skit is, the story line and all. It takes me like 20 minutes to four hours shooting. Like the one I shot today involves five characters and I was all the five characters. So, I change severally to do the parts. So, I shot this from 3 pm till 7 pm. It took me hours. That's because I make my skit dramatic, like really out of this world.

Let's talk about pressure. Because you've attained that point where a lot of people look up to you. You are an influencer; you are a celebrity. And I know how it can be hard most times. So, how are you able to deal with the pressure?

The pressure is much, it can be heavy, but I saw a quote yesterday that said, “God has built you to take any pressure that comes from your calling.” That was the quote. Even if you are called to take care of your village, God has given you the strength, no matter what you are called to do. Even when you feel you are tired. Eventually the strength will come back. So, I just deal with it.

I've become so used to the pressure cause there's pressure from all corners. Financial, family, my work. Cause I do a lot of things at the same time. People will pay me for adverts. I have online classes and students will be asking questions. My hair customers will be asking me like, where's the delivery guy? Is that how you do your customers? Everything combined together plus love, life pressure. Everything put together can be very terrible and choking. It is heavy. I'd be lying if I say there's no pressure that comes. But I deal with it, I have the strength. I'm ready and capable.

There's a competition in the industry, where people try to outshine each other; buying houses, cars, designers etc how do you deal with that?

Competing to buy house and cars? Never! It does not concern me at all. See if all my friends, all the skit makers I know in this world, everybody around me buys 10 cars each for themselves today, I'll enter okada to the bank, withdraw one thousand, use it and chop Indomie and egg. As in, it doesn't concern me. You see when 11 pro max came out? That particular month I made enough money to buy at least five 11 pro max or more. I say right now I'm still using my iPhone XS max. Like who that one concern?

I'm still using my XSmax. When it came out, everyone was buying it, competitors though, cause they quickly wanted to have the highest. I'm like, wetin dey happen? I cannot do that kind of thing oh. I cannot. I walk in my own pace. Funny enough, people that are rushing to compete and be the highest, I make way more than them but you can't see me doing that. Like I'm running at my own pace, my own destiny. Like everyone has their destiny and their lives. Everybody has their timing. People need to understand that they are unique.

So, if you rush and you are competing with someone, that's crazy man. The only kind of competition I do here, is what we call healthy competition. Like for my career. Like if there's someone for example that has 100k followers as myself, when the person grows and gets to 150k followers before me, I'll feel bad and work harder to meet up with the person. Not feel bad cause I'm jealous but feel bad cause I'm slacking behind. So, that kind of competition is what will push me to go higher and do better. To meet up and pass the person. Healthy competition not mumu competition. I don't do such.

Have you always been like this? Have you always been true to yourself? Always been someone who's at peace going at your own pace or was there a redefining moment in your life that made you become like this?

I was born this way. Sorry but I was born this way. I cannot stress myself over anything. When it comes to riches, material things I am not a freak. I like to look fine don't get me wrong. Have good hair, good clothes, good looks, good career. But not buying cars, going to buy hair from this particular person, that one na madness.

Your fans are asking, when are you getting married?

They are asking when I'm getting married? Now this thing is not hard, it's not a problem at all. The only thing they have to do for me is find any tall, fresh, handsome, rich, prosperous, successful man in their area.

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