Starting The New Week With Another Lockdown? (Opinion)

Starting The New Week With Another Lockdown? (Opinion)

Lagosians have proven that staying indoors and practising social distancing is a Herculean task. Will there be consequences?

Gold Nne

Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has expressed disappointment in Lagosians, as most of them have flouted the rules since the ease of lockdown which took effect on Monday, May 4, 2020.

Wearing my face mask and hand gloves, I drove out on Tuesday and was amazed at the nonchalance exhibited by Nigerians towards their health and safety.

Just like the videos, which flooded social media on Monday, so many ATMs were crowded, especially those on the mainland. There was no social distancing being practised.

People queued in reckless abandon close to each other and were only concerned about withdrawing cash from their banks. In fact, some people on the queue wanted to withdraw all their money and shut down their bank accounts.

I asked one of the bystanders who explained that she was scared and uncertain of the possibility and duration of another lockdown and did not want to hear any story from banks.

She said she reached her decision because the banks kept donating billions during the first lockdown and she did not want her money to be affected. Therefore, she had to withdraw her life savings and keep it at home with her. She felt it would be safer that way.

It is believed that at the rate at which Nigerians are speedily trying to adjust to normalcy, boarding public buses without observing the necessary safety precautions, the virus might spread greatly, especially in Lagos within the next week and hospitals might record an all time high of the virus.

There might be another compulsory lockdown for the next two or three months or even more to contain the spread of the virus. From my outing on Tuesday, I found out that the inhabitants of the mainland are nonchalant towards practising social distancing.

In fact, most of them do not still believe in the presence of the virus in Nigeria and, as such, the virus will spread more on the mainland than around the Lagos Island axis.

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