Governor Wike
Governor Wike

War Against COVID-19 In Rivers State: Genuine Or Motivated By 10BN? (Opinion)

There are whispers that the guardian of Rivers State, Governor Wike, might have a hidden agenda in his fight against the pandemic. How true is this?

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Governor Wike of Rivers State implemented a compulsory lockdown of Rivers State on Thursday, May 7. He has taken it upon himself to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Rivers State.

This development has been welcomed with mixed reactions on social media.

The governor, who caught and punished citizens of the state, threw away the goods of market people who came out to make sales and explained that he did so to stop and possibly eradicate the spread of the virus.

Earlier in April, Wike called out President Buhari for politicizing the pandemic and making available financial assistance of 10 billion naira to only Lagos State.

This did not go well with the governor who said Rivers State was the oil and gas hub of the country and as such should also receive financial aid from the government, which he claims has benefitted immensely from the resources of the state.

A lot of people have applauded the radical and hands on approach of the governor all week long, while others have questioned his motive for walking around with cameramen who record his fight to keep his state virus free.

Some indigenes of Rivers State claim that the governor is only putting up a show so that the federal government can also disburse the requested 10 billion naira to him.

The governor might have taken his fight a bit too far, as he recently demolished a hotel in the state which he claims does not adhere to the social distancing policy.

It is believed that while Wike is fighting for his bread, other state governors like Kano are also not left behind, as people are of the opinion that the numbers have been inflated by these politicians for their quest to fill their pockets and partake of the financial aid from local and international organizations.

What are your thoughts?

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