Rev. Sam Adeyemi, founder, Daystar Christian Center
Rev. Sam Adeyemi, founder, Daystar Christian Center

Why Some Daystar Church Members Were Not Credited With Monthly Allowance (Opinion)

This is why some members of Daystar Christian Centre did not receive their monthly allowance from the church.

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Social media stood still, as some members of popular church, Daystar Christian Centre, founded by renowned clergyman, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, expressed their joy and gratitude to the clergyman and his wife for helping them out during the pandemic and lockdown which left many families hungry.

According to members who came to share the good news on social media, the month of May was the second month of receiving 5,000 naira stipends from the church.

However, many complained that it was a meagre sum compared to the offerings and tithes payed by members severally at all services held in different branches of the church.

You will recall that since the start of the pandemic, most pastors have gone silent on proffering a cure to the virus or actively helping its members.

In fact, at the beginning of the lockdown when public gatherings and church gatherings were banned, most pastors rather than cater to the needs of its members encouraged the poor members, who were struggling to adjust, make ends meet and provide for their families, to keep paying tithes and offerings.

The church, in the last two months, has come under public scrutiny and castigation for its poor way of handling the crisis. Some other clergymen chose the lockdown as a time to instil fear in the general public by furnishing several conspiracy theories while others decided to come with false prophecies, making a caricature of Christendom.

Most believers bowed their heads in shame, as their pastors decided to become entertainers instead of preaching love, praying and helping the masses build their faith.

It is admirable and highly applaudable that Rev. Adeyemi took the onus to heed the clarion call of its members. This is a good start.

I reached out to my friend, a registered member of Daystar Christian Centre, to inquire about the process to qualify for the monthly stipend. According to him, one of the requirements of being a bona fide member of the church is to be a member of its cell fellowship. His cell pastor, he maintained, reached out to inquire about his safety and financial needs, asking if he wanted to receive the 5,000 naira stipend from the church.

So, for most Daystar Christian Centre attendees who are yet to get an alert from the church, it might be because they did not register with a cell fellowship.

Rev. Sam and wife Pst. Nike Adeyemi
Rev. Sam and wife Pst. Nike Adeyemi
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