Creative block
Creative block

Creative Block: 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Deal With It

Short of ideas for that new project? Not inspired to start? Here, find five ways to get fired up.

Titilayo Olurin

If you are a creative, whose work involves writing, designing, or generally creating content, you must have heard of the creative block.

You find yourself struggling for ideas and inspiration, making no headway with a project or whatever task is at hand.

The causes of creative block range from self-doubt, anxiety or a medical condition to the need for perfection, fatigue and the exhaustion of creative energy.

Creative block could last for a few days or longer, sometimes lasting for weeks, months or even years. During this time, you might become depressed, anxious or sad.

While overcoming a creative block is no walk in the park, there are things you can do to deal with it. Find some of them below.

1. Always have a jotter or sketchbook handy

An idea may come to you when you least expect it - when you are in the bus, when you are out with friends, or at a meeting. You can also be inspired by a song you listen to or a book you read. That idea may not seem so great now, but you never know! So, it is best to always have a jotter or sketchbook where you can jot down your ideas or do a rough sketch of a design. This way, you won't forget anything and you can always go back to it when you are short of ideas.

2. Take a break

It is okay to take a break from a creative task. No one will crucify you for it. Besides, there is no point stressing over something you can do little about. Your creative block may be the result of restlessness or fatigue, and the more you force it, the worse it gets. Do something different, like watching a movie, playing a video game, talking to friends, walking your dog, visiting your social media pages. You will be surprised at the positive effect of breaks (long or short) on your work.

3. Do it anyway

When you find yourself struggling for ideas in spite of everything you do to be creative, you may begin to despair. But do not give up. Write that article. Make that sketch. Just do it. Make a first draft and return to it later. You might have more ideas then and can edit or rework what you have to perfection.

4. Finish what you started

Make up your mind to finish whatever you start. You can achieve a lot this way. If you keep telling yourself that you cannot do it, you will probably never get anything done. Whatever you do, whether you are taking a break or just lounging, ensure you return to your work to complete it.

5. Take care of your workspace

Don't let your workspace get in the way of your creativity. Your workspace should not only be well-arranged, but it should also be colourful and comfy. Ideas will probably not flow in a cramped, disorganized space.

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