Discrimination Against Blacks By Fellow Blacks Is Disturbing (Opinion)

Racial discrimination is evident in the way a lot of Nigerians treat fellow blacks.

Gold Nne

In Nigeria, there are people of different skin colours, from dark to light and albinos. There are also children born from interracial relationships, who are still categorized as blacks as long as they are of African descent, whether in part or fully.

In the recent conversations about black lives matter and racial discrimination, we must also mention that Africans with lighter skin pigmentation and albinos fall under the black community and, as such, have equal rights with other bona fide black men and women. Therefore, they should not feel out of place.

Many Nigerians do not grasp that racial discrimination isn’t just a topic for countries like the United States. It also applies to the way blacks treat other blacks with lighter skin tones.

Albinos are especially made to feel some type of way, openly laughed at and mocked for their skin colour and other conditions that accompany it. It is disgusting and hypocritical that the same people who laugh at an albino would lend their voice against racism and black discrimination.

Actress Juliet Ibrahim also voiced that someone called her “not black enough” to be counted as a black woman because she is of mixed racial descent. What does it even mean not to be “black enough”? That is derogatory and the orientation has to change. People need to understand that calling someone half-caste is offensive and even unacceptable in some countries like Portugal. So, why should it be loosely used in Nigeria?

For those who do not understand the meaning of being black, here’s a simple explanation. "Black" refers to people with all possible kinds of skin pigmentation, from the darkest through to the very lightest skin colours, including albinos, if they are believed by others to have African ancestry (in any discernible percentage).

Nigerians and Africans should learn first to accept other blacks irrespective of their skin colour and ethnicity, as this will foster love and growth.

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