Beware Of Roadside Doctors And Magnificent Hospitals

Beware of roadside hospitals because they might not be well-equipped to treat patients.

Gold Nne

I woke up in the middle of the night from a terrible nightmare, breathing heavily. It took a few seconds to get acquainted with my bedroom and reconcile the sharp pain which accompanied me from my deep sleep to reality.

The pain around my pelvis was so sharp and excruciating, I winced continually in pain while I tried to get up and find my balance. Picking up my phone, I realized it was just 3:15 am and there was really nothing I could do to make the pain subside which was gradually spreading and making my legs numb.

I managed to drink water, do some breathing exercises, watch TV while pacing continually to while away time and go to the hospital at the first glimpse of dawn. I was new in the area and was yet to register at any of the hospitals. I decided to try the hospital close to my house.

I drove in and miraculously it was open. The nurse affirmed that the hospital opened 24 hours daily, with nurses running shifts, but doctors might not be available until called upon to see a patient that the nurses could not handle on their own.

She looked up and saw my perplexed face mixed with the excruciating pain. At this point, I was already turning red from the sharp pain which had returned.

The nurse, sensing the urgency, asked me to quickly run some tests. I was shocked to hear nothing could be done until after two or three days when the test results would be out. I was made to pee in a cup for urine culture and a vaginal swab was carried out.

The nurse excused herself to seek the doctor’s help over the phone and returned to me with a smile. According to her, I could take some antibiotics she prescribed until the results were out. I was grateful, as I needed anything to relieve the pain.

I got the drugs from the pharmacy with a prescription. I proceeded to immediately take the drugs judiciously. But deep down, I knew I wasn’t better. I was feeling sick and feverish. The thought that I had been misdiagnosed kept dancing in my mind. I needed to get a second opinion.

Three days later, the nurse gave me a verdict which sent shock and beads of sweat down my spine. She said my test results came back clean, that I was okay. I was shocked. She sensed my hesitation and suggested I see the doctor the next day, which was going to cost extra money. I finally saw the doctor at 6 pm. After consultation and physical examination, he pronounced me fine.

At this point, I thought my village people had finally caught me. Frantic, I called my mom for advice. She told me to seek a second opinion immediately.

I went about my normal life, not wanting to spend extra money on these doctors until the sharp pain hit me again, just when I was ready to spend time with bae.

He quickly rushed me to another hospital where tests were carried out. Lo and behold! I was truly sick. I just couldn’t phantom how the other hospitals did not see it. Apparently, I later heard, the first hospital had no lab. There was, therefore, no way to run tests without taking it to a sister hospital which they sometimes did not follow through with.

Beware of magnificent buildings with hospitals because they might not be well-equipped to treat patients. Ensure you carry out in-depth research on hospitals before committing to them.

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